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Bloodline (film) The bloodline (also known as Bloodline: A Cold Case) is a 2015 American crime thriller film, and the first installment of the Bloodline saga. It was directed by Michael Brandt and produced by Steve Golin, Bryan Furst and Mark Gordon. The story centers on a wife whose husband was murdered 12 years earlier (in 1989) by her abusive ex-husband, who was subsequently convicted of the crime and sentenced to prison for life. The husband was in fact the victim, but a conviction was entered as an accessory to murder, a charge only those guilty of the act can be convicted of. The film premiered in October 2015 at the Telluride Film Festival and in November at the Toronto International Film Festival. It was released by Lionsgate on September 13, 2015, but was pulled from theaters on the same day. Plot Detective Jay Daniels (Jason Clarke) is a homicide detective in Oakland, California. He’s shaken by what he’s been seeing in his cases, and by the possibility that the killer of a young woman he’s been trying to solve might be his own son. While at a party in his home, he witnesses the aftermath of a new attack by a serial killer. His son Danny (Jared Harris) is separated from his family, and his wife Miranda (Nancy Travis) is missing. Meanwhile, the person at the party with whom Jay is talking, Paul Kellerman (Mark Ruffalo), is a detective who’s been investigating his son’s kidnapping. In the present, Jay is contacted by a woman named Annalise Keating, a writer who wants to turn his unsolved case into a book. Keating promises to help, but only on the condition that Jay agrees to a series of “tests” to help him solve the case. In the course of these tests, Jay makes a shocking discovery that has a profound effect on him. Cast Jason Clarke as Det. Jay Daniels Jared Harris as Danny Daniels Mark Ruffalo as Det. Paul Kellerman Nancy Travis as Miranda Daniels Rutger Hauer as Thomas “Tommy” Daniels Sierra McClain as Mary Daniels Carrie Preston as Kathy Stoltz Michael Raymond-James as Raymond Stoltz Vince Vaughn as Owen Farrell Peter Stormare as Jan Lohberg Jonathan Banks as Gil Taylor Erinn Barry as Brooke Keating Daniel Brocklebank as Daniel Hart Liev Schreiber as Dr. Fl 3da54e8ca3