In the year 2025, the world is at war. Through a combination of terrorism and corporate warfare, we have just lost a war with the Void, an evil force of nature that was bent on destroying the entire universe. In an attempt to stem the tide of destruction, we have been forced to send a team into the depths of the Maw to seal the hole that the Void created to invade our home world. Now the team is stuck in an endless pit, fighting through the creatures created by the Void – all of whom are willing to destroy their own life and limb to escape! The Ice-9 is the ultimate weapon forged in that war – and is the only thing that can save the Earth! Join Ice-9’s team on their journey through the Maw and free the Earth from the clutches of the Void! Key features: Become a powerful commander to lead your team to victory as they fight through hordes of enemies to battle through to the end of the Maw! Travel from the base of the Maw to a variety of underground, cavernous worlds as you fight through new gameplay mechanics and a meta-story of betrayal and revenge. Engage in an intense combat system that lets you take out a target quickly or work your way through the opponent to the heart of their team. As you engage in turn-based combat with your team, you can place your “soldiers” into battle and control their special attack combos, dodging, and attack priority! Utilize an enhanced cover system as you slip behind enemy defenses and take the battle to the ground! We are proud to offer a free demo of the game! Free Demo If you would like to experience the game for free, you may do so right now! To do so, you must sign into your Microsoft account or create a new one! * Your game will start at Level 1 * In this mission, you will not be able to continue further Mongoose vs Boxfish – The Battle for the Maw Demo Ransom of the Lich Queen Demo System Requirements Windows Mac OSX Minimum: OS: Windows 7 Processor: 1.6GHz CPU Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible GPU with 1 GB RAM DirectX®: Version 11 Hard Drive: 1.7 GB available space


Features Key:

  • Bringing up to date action, destruction and spell combat to an indie game about RTSes.
  • Volatile elements, dozens of parameters such as of formations and upgrades which can be changed at any time.
  • A well developed information system, with detailed logs, units view, maps and much more.
  • Multiple pathfinding algorithms which can be combined to get the most suitable path for your army.
  • A huge library of dynamic units, cast spells, objects and ships with a powerful map-editor.
  • Extensive AI, multiple units, 7 different types of spells and a dedicated support for most unit types.
  • Fast”>Innovative Particle Effects</', in the words of the Art Director.


    Online game: demo


    • Mac platform & FireDogLake.
    • Windows phone & CodePlex
    • Printing & NesWiki
    • Other & DeSyn at

    Source Code Release

    Phobos source code & art is released under Free T&C Developer Phobos Game Key Demo.


    • Battle Troop.
    • and all related documentation is published under Apache 2.0 license.
    • License T&Cjava/com/idsoft/phobos can be found at bottom of every public file.
    • Every project is licensed for redistribution under


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      “Echoes of a Vanished Age” is a fantasy turn-based strategy game set in an alternate world. The campaign is a real time strategy. Four player co-op multiplayer allows for huge battles against hundreds of opponents. The co-op campaign is an epic saga that covers two years of events and culminates in the unification of the four principal nations of the world. Features: Interactive, story-driven turn-based strategy gameplay. Defeat thousands of opponents over hundreds of hours of play. Four player co-op multiplayer. Choose a powerful avatar to start the game and then join up to four friends. Build your own war machine. Real-time army management makes it easy to position, move and attack. Switch between the campaign and multiplayer without having to reinstall or reboot. The epic campaign covers two years of events and culminates in the unification of the four principal nations of the world. No VR + No Gamepad Required! Make your choices, see the consequences and enjoy the experience! Be it a novel strategy game experience or an RPG with a twist, the powerful graphics and the great gameplay will make this a great buy! Don’t forget to check our other games on the website like Shadow Legends and Lord of the Rings, Desperado, Jurassic Adventures, and much more! Key Features: Fantasy turn-based strategy game with action RPG twist Interactive, story-driven campaign with dozens of hours of gameplay Four player co-op multiplayer allowing for huge battles against hundreds of opponents Real-time army management makes it easy to position, move and attack Play in single player, up to 4 players The campaign covers two years of events and culminates in the unification of the four principal nations of the world Control over specialized units and powerful magic spells Intense turn-based strategy gameplay with real-time action elements Multiplayer results of the campaign will be saved for use in the free version of the game Difficulty Settings *NOTE: There are four difficulty settings: Normal, Hard, Expert and Hard Expert. Each difficulty level has its own unique rules and different challenge for players. Replay Value *NOTE: The campaign covers two years of events and culminates in the unification of the four principal nations of the world. Campaign *NOTE: Player progress is saved in Multiplayer and will transfer c9d1549cdd


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      Gameplay Semispheres is brilliant, and will break your brain in half. It’s a game about making music out of broken images of your own. You start with a custom built game board made out of real glass, which you can decorate in such a way that you can see things that are impossible to create otherwise, such as synths or your hands. You then choose between playing your game, and being able to see the live view of the glass, and the ‘invisible’ game board, which was held by a heavy screw. This heavy screw will slide along the glass, and allow you to explore more of the game board by increasing the distance between you and the glass. Why it’s so awesome: In this game you build something for yourself, and then you are given a device to see what you built. This device shows your creation from above, the only way to see it. By moving closer to the device you can see that something invisible was built. In fact, you could play this game using that device to see your creation from the distance you wish to. You can see that the glasses create an immersive experience, and that the gameplay is a combination of reality and video games. What I absolutely love about this game is that it has been designed to be educational. While I haven’t put enough time into it, I feel like it would be a cool gateway into learning more about real-world physics. If you build something out of glass, and put it in the middle of your house, you are seeing your creation as if it were real. And for this reason, the mechanics of the game are easy to follow, and the rules are not hard to understand. However, this game isn’t about understanding what you are looking at. It’s about seeing something from the perspective of the dream. This is a game that is easy to pick up and play, but in the end it will push your brain to think about creativity, creativity, and education. I’m still in the beta for the game, and I feel like the beta is amazing, and it makes the concept so real. If you can find time to read this, you might just want to go and play Semispheres right now. I know I want to play it as soon as I can. Cheers, Your friend, P.S. Make sure to check out the game in it’s current state. Since it’s in


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        Knights of the Chalice () is a novel by André Gide, first published in 1921. In the novel, Gide examines the superficiality of the French aristocracy by contrasting it with a distinctly antifascist decision taken by a movement of Italian nobility. An English version of the novel was published in 1923. In book length, the novel compares two groups, with the Italian aristocrats opposed to the French aristocracy, and their decision of oppression during World War I and the aftermath in France. While social class is the major theme, the work explores subjects ranging from the exploitation of art and literature to the morality of the bourgeoisie. The novel has been praised by critics for its ability to bring a sense of spiritual dilemmas into a realistic scene, and in many ways the work provides a similar moral to the confrontation between Mussolini’s regime and Cominform during the same time period. The book, which is frequently discussed in moral philosophy, has been seen as bringing the demise of a class structure into an examination of decadence. The novel is considered by some to be one of Gide’s finest works, and he reworked material from the novel in several volumes. Plot Gide, a long-time friend of the French writer André Malraux, had a supportive influence on his writing, and in Knight of the Chalice he attempts to apply those ideas to a French aristocrat’s life. Two different stories are presented, one of a soldier who is repeatedly thwarted and another of an artist who is applauded in favour of the Italian aristocracy. Several narrators are present, filling the dual perspective of the novel. The story follows Alfred Pagrat, a soldier in the French army during the First World War. His aspirations of a life of royalty transforms into his reliance on his childhood friend Clément, who becomes his lover. However, Pagrat is repeatedly stopped by his upper-class peers and received poor treatment at the front. In Italy, Pagrat’s encounter with a Mafioso gives him an idea; he finds that the Mafia is not the solid organization whose rule one might expect, instead seeing it as an opportunity and starts to make use of his privileged position. Asking the Mafioso to be the spirit father of Pagrat’s soon-to-be son, Pagrat receives true respect and power. When the boy appears, Pagrat adopts him as the son of his government, reducing him to merely a reflection of the government. Under this


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        “Gothic” sounds? Then check out our Official Portal! PROLOGUE A Gothic Fantasy, set in the 14th century, in a world where magic is still a reality. Welcome to Gothic, a world of vampirism, alchemy and a dark magic that is known across the world. Where’s he going? ~~~ You play as a vampire, with mixed feelings as you are not really sure if you are immortal or not. Are you the powerful lord of this dark city, or just a poor and lowly thief who have no choice than to feed on the blood of the living? At the dawn of the 14th century, the kingdom of Niebus, on the island of Corsica, in which its ruler is preoccupied with to marry to the King of Italy, has grown too powerful and has started to export its power across the seas. So now, every king and every noble of the continent of Europe is fighting to dominate the continent. For the good of all, the Pope has made it a duty for all the vampires in the continent to protect the humans as well as the magicians that live among them. For now, all you do is wait for the day when you can feed on your first human and keep you eternal sleep. ~~~ Presentation: Set on high resolution graphics, Gothic has been designed to be the next big generation of RPG games. Fully voice-acted in French, English, Spanish and Italian. Very detailed and realistic equipment. More than 200 items to collect and almost 300 quests to resolve! A rich and complete soundtrack… with a great variety of music, including the soundtrack of the film “Blade”. You are a vampire, but you have no particular feelings about this. You are just curious as to what will happen to you as you are not immortal. Do you wish that you were? To begin the adventure… all you can do is to leave behind your old life and join the welcoming light of the sun. ~~~ Game Features: * An open world with over 60 large cities. There are maps on the ceiling! * 200 different quests, divided between 7 main missions and countless sub-quests. * An extensive character creation (2 races, 18 different classes). * Almost a dozen… I mean, over a dozen… food types


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      • required >Download Java Iced Tea from the Mozilla website.
        • Double click the Java Iced Tea.bin file (appx. 4.5 MB) to install the Java runtime environment.
        • Launch the game via the Java Iced Tea JRE. You will be prompted to re-enter your password for the Java Iced Tea JRE install & the game.
      • Run the game via Java Iced Tea JRE (game icon on desktop).
      • First time you run the game via the Java Iced Tea JRE , you will need to go to the Multiplayer Menu & create a server. The host may choose to accept or reject clients from a network address. The host may specify a port for the game to listen on, no port means it will use one of the system defined services.
      • You can obtain the IP address of current player via the help menus. Click on the ‘?’ icon at the top right of the screen. Various help boxes show example usage for the other features. The host should remember this & match the address used in the Multiplayer Menu if they wish to connect as a client.
    • Game difficulty controls: once all players are connected the host may choose to adjust the difficulty at any time.
    • Max number of players: the host may increase the maximum number of players from one up to the maximum value set in the options file.
    • Client vs. Host terms: A Client is an active player in the game, the Host is the session owner. It is often easy to confuse these, think of Client as the participant & you have achieved an impact on the host’s part of the game!

    How To Play Wild Guns Reloaded?

    The controls for the game are intuitive & easy to learn. The screen splits in the centre into two screens; left side for mouse based controls, right side for keyboard based controls. The mouse controls are universally used & I see no problem for the player with


    System Requirements:

    Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8 (64-bit). The portable version is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7 (64-bit) and Windows 8.1. You can choose the architecture for the portable version as ‘x86/x64’. You can install the portable version on a memory card. You can then carry the memory card and use the portable version without a keyboard. You can install the portable version onto a secondary hard disk and keep the original installation on your main hard disk. An AMD Athlon 64




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