Max puts money into upgrading the chook pens and buying the chickens treats. He puts money into upgrading the chook pens and buying the chickens treats. Then there’s the shop he’s setting up on the property to sell his special chicken-feed mix and hand-riveted chicken feeders, his branded Chook Poo Brew fertiliser, the chicken beanies and jumpers knitted by his nana and great-aunt, roo ties for the roosters, chicken fascinators, and little chick coin purses. His ‘cheanies’ – or chicken beanies – were inspired by her hair loss. The ‘Cheanies’ were inspired by her hair loss. Tampa, Florida threw her hair in, unnnh. In the world of so many people who want intimacy on webcam, this applies to both men and women. Click on Women at the top to watch the live webcam streams of all the women who are broadcasting live at any given moment. His father enjoyed REO Speedwagon and typical Top Gear driving tackle, as did many of his friends, who would drag him to “crappy”, alcohol-fuelled heavy metal nights around his town. It’s the Adelaide Fringe Festival, and Biggie’s basement, with its close black walls and graffiti-splashed toilets, has been pressed into service as a venue – alongside every other room in town bigger than a breadbox.

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I was too crook to do anything, and he’d be out there getting himself ready, making his own lunches, making me something before going to school. He’d be out there all night,’ says his mum, Belinda. That was right on when I was diagnosed,’ Belinda says. He’s also bought his mum Belinda jewellery, including a silver ‘tree of life’ necklace. He’s also bought his mum jewellery, including a silver ‘tree of life’ necklace. Max spends ten hours a week sewing his ‘chickini’ range – bikinis for chickens (pictured) – which he thought of after his mum underwent a double mastectomy. Max also spends ten hours a week sewing his ‘Chickini’ range – bikinis for chickens – which he thought of after his mum underwent a double mastectomy. Max spends four hours a day with his flocks of purebred chooks. Tickled by his youth and enterprise, people drive for hours to buy his chickens and merch.

He saved up for a ‘quad’ (a rooster and three hens), borrowed money from his parents to buy an incubator, and read books from the local library. He’s saving to buy the house down the road, and has his own debit card for supplies. I’d watch him get on the bus then I’d sleep all day, set my alarm to watch him get off the bus, and he’d throw down his bag, get me a water, a cup of tea, look after me. The rub down quickly turns into Cameron giving Sean the pounding of his life! Of course it turns on. There’s school, of course – where he’s house captain of the softball team – but also his four cows (Cuddles, Lucinda, Lagoon and Master) to take care of, and fences to be checked. Jennifer Birkin, blunt smart-arse and chicken and pop-culture obsessive (she has ‘Don’t Panic’ painted on the roof of her house), is performing her first solo comedy show, Crazy Chicken Nerd, in a dim bar underground lit with fairy lights and a single lamp. I’ve got 1051 photographs on my mobile phone, and 832 of them are of chickens,’ says Jennifer Birkin (pictured).