The 10 best and best-known cracked software download sites include, filecloudcom,,,,,,,, We have also thrown in extra websites that have been designed especially for the purpose of pirating software to give you a greater chance of success while downloading cracked software.

And if you are dead set on downloading cracked software, download it using a virtual private network like or, these are the safest ways to download cracked software. If you are also wondering, why you should not download cracked software from third-party websites. That is a whole other issue. Let us first know what is piracy and cracked software?

I have posted today a list of Top 10 websites where you can download cracked software for free. Read this article till the end because it would end up with a solution for your cracked software problems. In this article, we are going to learn about cracked software, the benefits of downloading cracked software and why many people are opting for these sites to download cracked software as compared to legal websites. We have also analyzed the Top 10 websites where you can download cracked software. These websites are pretty much similar but we have selected only the websites with higher statistics and higher google rank.

Cracked software is a software which is often modified or altered in order to circumvent the restrictions of the software company and obtain the software for free. This software can be generally distributed freely for personal use but it is not the case with all the software. The reason why cracked software is so popular is because it makes the software cost less and gives the user a lot of extra features. These extra features are usually limited to the number of times you can use the cracked software. Without giving anything too much about it, I will just say that having cracked software is always a good idea. But, if you are thinking about downloading cracked software, there are many things that you need to know before doing so.