Crowalt: Traces of the Lost Colony Heroes of Crowland, for centuries you have long awaited the legacy of the Celtic people. You are the few faithful ones, driven by the fury of the Gods, destined to save the destiny of your people. Crowland, the old Celtic land, has become a battleground, the forces of darkness rule the north and you are on the front line. If you survive you will be to the fore, to serve your god and heal your people. If you fail you will be doomed. Play Crowalt: Traces of the Lost Colony, the free Prologue and try it out for free with no restrictions. Features Rule Crowland and fight the enemies of your people. Play 6 unique towns, each with their own character. Fight against 33 enemy types including warriors, demons, mages and monks. Undertake missions and fulfill the destiny of your people. Forge weapons to increase their strength and buy new artefacts, skills and items. Join together with other friends to fight your way through. Customise your character and develop their skills further. Traverse the Great Passage to claim the treasures of the Ancient Continent. Crowalt: Traces of the Lost Colony is a story driven RPG game with a tactical turn based combat system. The game is set during the start of the epic British War of Independence. You are one of the Celtic people who have been exiled to the north of Ireland, under the rule of the Viking invaders. Unlike the traditional open world games, Crowalt does not offer open world exploration. Instead, the game offers a series of quests and missions you must complete to progress the story. Your character will go through a series of skills, weapons and equipment, as well as make choices during the game. The game also offers the tactical choice of turn based or real time gameplay. The game also features a party system where you can have up to 4 characters in your party. Your party will fight alongside you, offering a team experience that will support you to succeed. In the game, you can advance through the campaign, complete quests, search the ancient ruins of the lost colony, tame in-game wild creatures to fight with, improve the status of your character and play a series of fast-paced competitive games. The game also offers the tactical choice of


Features Key:

  • Demons – 26 unique enemies: ranging from giant, powerful bosses to unique and varied sub-bosses, villains and mobs that will face you. And there are more in the diverse demon fortress and the many other areas to explore.
  • Secrets – 24 secret levels: all around the castle and in almost every room.
  • Puzzles – The puzzle challenges are all four kinds: logical, environmental, algorithmic and behavioral.
  • Keys – 50 unique keys: all the way to the end of the game. There are 5 new types of keys, some for the normal challenges, some for the bonus levels. There are 6 types of keys, each possible to collect and use to unlock new areas of the fortress.
  • Challenges – In total there are more than 66 challenges to complete, including 7 bonus areas.


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An action game of virtual reality, in which you have to face an endless amount of enemies. These enemies are balls that will attack you from all sides. But you can protect yourself thanks to your shield and your guns that can be thrown to a safe zone (a wall) to change direction. All these balls will want to destroy you. Have you got what it takes to fight with balls in the sky?! THE BOX VR is a VR game developed by Kube Studio and published by Firstdreams, and will be distributed by PlayNtime. Are you ready for a new Racing Game? “IndieRacer: Lightning Edition” is a fresh and most exciting racing game. Its time to take on the competition and battle with other drivers using different vehicles and choise of tracks.Drive a race car, farm the land and turn into a real Ferrari driver. Competitions, Grindstops, cutthroats, other cars, challenges, collect coins and perfect your driving skills in this new and different experience of driving. “IndieRacer: Lightning Edition” is a game that will help you test your driving skills on the roads of different countries.With challenges and teams you can compete with your friends on Facebook. “IndieRacer” is different because it has been built from scratch. The game is entirely dedicated to racing. You have to test your skills on every racing track. Feel the adrenaline in your veins, chill out when you manage to overtake all the cars, win the races. When you want, you can end the game with a better score to improve your driver point. One of the best racing games of the series: “Super Star Gladiator” continues, with further improvements in the engine and graphics. The game is based on a wide collection of tracks, each one of them with a different environment, most of them built with pyramids, paragliders, pyramids and many more. You will be able to choose between 5 different vehicles, the most known of which are the typical car, the ATV, the motorbike, the horse and the quad. The new “Super Star Gladiator” comes with hundreds of challenges, becoming one of the best racing games. For each level, you have to finish the race with the highest possible score. Alongside the new features that this game brings, you will be able to face off against up to 8 opponents. Fight for the best times and best positions. The records are stored in the game. This gaming


What’s new:

    Witch of the West Revealed OST: MCS 2734 10/26/2016 23:45:11 0.41 MB FIRST-TIME VOCAL-CAPPERS NEED NOT APPLY! Hello and welcome to our first weekly WoR news bulletin! In this edition, we’ll be taking a look at what Extra, Noise, and Team5 are up to as well as adding some updates to some of the sites you’ve heard us talk about in previous news bulletins, so make sure you read all the way to the bottom. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone playing The Onee Chanbara. See you in the game! UPDATE Production Updates for the Onee Chanbara Development update on the Onee Chanbara has begun! Extra is currently working on additional looks for new areas of the game. As was previously announced, team5 is working on a hole-masking campaign. We are also looking forward to seeing a new ryuspexx voice actor join the voice cast. Around the office: Update to the content team Content team members are currently focusing on holiday festivities with the rest of the team. Content Contributor Elli is off to the air force, which means she’ll spend the holidays with her husband. Content Lead Jessica is off to work, which is why we haven’t been able to send out updates as frequently as normal. The SPC is working through its hiring process for a new visual development artist. There are still a few openings for visual department work as well, but the SPC is looking to fill the remaining positions internally. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining the visual department, feel free to apply at the Career Page. Depot Updates Changes to the English Depot for the Onee Chanbara If you joined the English worldwide server in-game before September 18th, 2016, your profile is now outdated as well. We’ve reopened the English EP to people who want to join the community-run server, which means that anyone who wishes to join the server must be “enrolled” in the English worldwide server. You can enroll at this page. We’re still figuring out the best way to allow people to join the community-run server, so we may still see a few changes to the English Depot before things are 100% ready. But for now, we’re encouraging everyone to join


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    URG is a retro-style, but very modern game! I decided not to make the game too retro. I didn’t want to have a game that looks like I’m a 90-year-old looking at his Atari ST machine. Instead, the game looks like a modern game. The graphics are 2D, but they’re very highly detailed 3D. You’ll see everything in the game in full detail, even the particles. The game has 16 worlds, with over 65 levels each. Each level contains a puzzle that will help you get to the next world. The game is in early access, as I’m still making adjustments to the gameplay. These are mostly small adjustments that I’m not releasing until the game is more polished. These will help you get the maximum enjoyment from the game. Because the game is in early access, some things are not entirely finished, like the soundtrack, or the sound effects. The soundtrack is almost finished, and the sound effects are only missing the shtick. Like most retro games, the game is pure retro fun. It’s not a simulator. You won’t need hours to get the full enjoyment of the game. You will however get a sense of satisfaction that you must feel when playing a good retro game. If you have a controller connected, press A to share the screen with another player. What’s in the game? 4 main weapons and 9 upgrades: Fire – All enemy asteroids and rocks will burn for 1 second. With 3 upgrades, fire will burn for 3 seconds. Knife – Shoot a knife at an enemy and it will stun the enemy for 2 seconds. With 2 upgrades, stun time will increase to 3 seconds. Grenade – Grenades will do physical damage to enemies. With 3 upgrades, total physical damage will increase to 10 damage points. Flying Disk – Shoot a flying disk at an enemy and the enemy will jump. With 3 upgrades, the disk will fly across the screen and explode on an enemy. The enemies that the disk touches will suffer from damage. Rocket Boots – Rocket Boots will let you jump over enemies. With 3 upgrades, jumping distance will increase to 3 times the normal distance, and the jump will last 5 seconds. Scorch – Scorch grenades launch an enemy asteroid or rock to other enemies. With 3 upgrades, an enemy will be catapulted with their rock towards other enemies. Firewheel – Firewheel grenades will fire 5 projectiles towards the screen. With 3 upgrades,


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