Cartas INWO 1995 Rar

1.1 % 52.9% 37.1% . . . An excellent way to start is with a map. Ask yourself a series of questions . . . . . questions that are answered by different things. A “what” question for example might be: “What would someone need to know about a particular place to be able to accurately draw a map of it?” . . . . A “who” question might be: “If I am creating a map, who should I be including or excluding from the . . . map?” . . . . A “where” question might be: “Where is this place located?” “Where does this feature of the landscape begin, how does it end and where does it . . . . connect with the other regions of the map?” or “Where does this landform fit into the broader regional landscape?” This example is much more on the “what” side of the map than the other examples. . . . The “what,” “who” and “where” questions are the building blocks of a map. You can create a great map without having to ask these questions, but it will be of limited use and will lack a degree of context. . . . . . . . . A good map has context and supports any of the questions you ask. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . You might also ask yourself “How will I communicate the map?”. “How will I store and download the map?” “How will people understand this map?”. “How will I use this map?” . . . . . You might be able to answer all of these questions, and many more besides. Hopefully this overview of questions you might ask yourself when creating a map will help you get started. I hope it will also help you understand why you need a map for some of the purposes you might need e79caf774b

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