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In This Chapter Working with images in Lightroom Importing and organizing images Processing images with automatic corrections Selecting image-editing tools Organizing pictures into albums and collections Shooting raw photos with Adobe’s newest digital camera tool, Lightroom, and creating digital RAW images A brand new photography program, Adobe Lightroom, was introduced in 2014 as an update to the company’s previous digital photo management software, Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). By 2014, Adobe’s Raw developer, EDSITEment, had added an imaging solution designed to support the RAW file format, the DNG. DNG — Digital Negative — is a RAW image format developed by Adobe and many camera manufacturers. The development of DNG is one of Adobe’s most recent advancements in improving its software for high-end photographers. Lightroom is designed to streamline the process of importing, organizing, and editing photos. These steps are some of the most common tasks performed on a photo-editing program, and Lightroom makes it easy to control your images, by organizing, editing, retouching, and creating sets. As a RAW developer, Lightroom also provides

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Is Adobe Photoshop a Paying Program? This question has long been asked. It really depends on who you talk to. Photoshop is a reasonably inexpensive program that is definitely worth its money. The less expensive versions of Photoshop contain most of the important features but are missing some of the more advanced tools and features. The free alternatives to Photoshop run only on your computer and require a license key to use. Photoshop Elements is a relatively inexpensive photo editing program with limited features that can be used on a single computer. The only true budget alternatives to Photoshop are PaintShop Pro and GIMP. PaintShop Pro is a powerful and very expensive professional suite that is well suited for use at home. GIMP is a free and open source open-source package that is nearly as powerful as Photoshop. Both programs are excellent choices for free image editing, but they lack the functionality and polish that you’d find with Photoshop and Elements. Become a Photoshop pro for only $25 a year. There are no large investment costs. Learn Photoshop in less than a month. If you are completely new to Photoshop, you can create your first image with full control and add a large collection of premium and freebies. You can purchase Photoshop Elements for only $25 to start out with, or you can opt for the full versions that are available for $129. If you are new to Photoshop, this is probably the best place to start. If you want a more advanced, commercial version of Photoshop, you’ll need to spend more. On the other hand, you can get a copy of the pro version of Photoshop for less than $50 on Amazon. This version of Photoshop is more powerful and contains more features. Where Can I Find Photoshop the Software Free? You will find Photoshop on the desktop as well as the web. It is available in a variety of Linux, Windows and macOS flavors. The most popular versions of Photoshop are the Creative Cloud edition (CC) that is available for both Windows and macOS computers as well as a cloud-based version for smartphones and tablets. The standard version of Photoshop has a retail price of $699 but you can get a discount of up to 50% if you have a subscription. You can also get a single-user license for $100. Adobe offers access to the software via the website. There are both free and paid versions available. How Do I Use Photoshop Elements? Photoshop Elements is a relatively 05a79cecff

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NVIDIA graphics card Intel Mac (PPC/i386 architecture) Intel Mac (x86 architecture) English language support 1 GB RAM (2 GB is recommended) 90 MB free space (3 GB free space is recommended) Web browser to access internet Additional Notes: Do not update the operating system. Do not use device drivers, except for boot and firmware drivers. Do not install the drivers in the disk image. Do not use a macOS Server installation disk. Do not