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Exposure Exposure is the adjustment of brightness. When exposure is significantly off, your image may appear dark or bright depending on what is behind it, like a dark or light wall or other objects. For instance, if you are standing on a bright rooftop and you take a picture, the picture is too bright for your monitor. If you then retake the picture with a backlight or a light source in front of you, it is also too bright for your monitor. The image is lacking in detail and has no contrast. On the other hand, if the image is dark and you shine a light into it, the picture becomes difficult to see, and you may have to boost its brightness to read it. But again, if you take the picture in a tunnel without any light source, the image is also dark, just like the first picture. A light source is needed to provide proper exposure. * * *

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Beginner’s Guide to Photoshop To edit images on the computer, you’ll need a digital camera, a web browser, and Adobe Photoshop Elements or Adobe Photoshop. Some people use the Adobe Photoshop creative suite, which is almost the same thing but costs a lot more. The steps for image editing are pretty simple. To learn how to edit digital images, follow these steps: Create or open an image on your computer to start editing. Adjust the image’s colors, contrast, and contrast levels. Add special effects, like background blurs, outer-border blurs, and light/dark adjustments to change the color or tint of your image. Adjust the size, crop, and adjust the retouching in the image. Apply special effects, crop the image, and/or retouch the image. Save the image to your computer. Save your image. When you’re done editing an image, you can save it as an image file. If you’re using a digital camera, you can also print the image or transfer the image to a different device, like a cellphone or tablet. Use these 50 actions to get things done faster than you ever thought possible! Choose File Open > Internet > Images. Tip: Because images on your computer or web browser are called files, you can always rename the file using the Edit > Rename menu. The shortcut is F3. Adjust the image’s colors. If you take a lot of pictures with your digital camera, you’ll know how important it is to get the colors right. The best way to adjust the color of an image is using the Hue/Saturation adjustment. Open the Hue/Saturation adjustment and select the Colorize checkbox. Click in the image window to open the color palette. Move the sliders on the color palette to adjust the color of the image. Tip: If you click and hold on a color in the color palette and drag it to a new spot, Photoshop Elements gives you the option of replacing the color with a new color. Adjust the contrast. You can adjust contrast in an image and make white text look whiter and black text look blacker, or you can make the colors in an image look more intense. Open the contrast adjustment window. Click in the 05a79cecff

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Q: Does reference binding in PHP 5.3? Possible Duplicate: PHP 5.3 allows reference binding I run on PHP 5.3 and I wonder if reference binding function call are available under it? PHP 4.0.5. A: Yes, reference binding is available from PHP 5.3. If you look at the “Changes between PHP 5.2.5 and PHP 5.3” section of the PHP 5.3 release notes, you’ll see what you’re asking for: PHP 5.3 also supports reference binding. Reference binding enables the server to use variables on the client to control PHP processing. In PHP 5.3, the following constructs are treated as reference: unset() empty() get_defined_vars() get_object_vars() get_class_vars() get_properties() get_tokens() get_defined_functions() get_filter() get_include_path() get_included_files() get_start_time() get_end_time() get_memory_usage() get_metadata() get_classes() get_functions() get_constants() get_methods() get_vars() get_config() get_current_user() Examples: foo = ‘foo’; // REFERENCE $this->foo = get_defined_vars()[ ‘foo’ ]; // REFERENCE echo $foo; // “foo” A: Anything declared in the function parameters is available inside the function scope – but not included (another reason to just pass references explicitly). Q: How to create a custom operator to compare strings in Java? I am using JUnit 4.11 and using assertEquals. I am trying to create a method to check if a string is an acronym. I did this through the following code: public static boolean isAcronym(String s) { String[] candidateStrings = s.split(” “); boolean acronymFound = false; for (String candidateString : candidateStrings) {

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Q: .keypress not working on google chrome extension / bot I have a bot extension and when I add this code on.load $(‘input[type=”text”]’).keypress(function(){ alert(‘bla bla’); }); it doesn’t work on chrome, safari, etc. When I have the code it works on every browser A: This is why you should always use jQuery for browser extensions. And this is why it’s okay to use jQuery directly in a web page even when the page was not loaded with jQuery already. If you would have added a simple Hello World inside your using jQuery’s $() method, you’d have a local variable of that Hello World and thus when you reload the page the Hello World would stay there. If you would have used document.getElementById(“element-id”) or any of the other methods to get to that element, you would have lost it when you reloaded the page, and then there would be no way for your extension to get to it. You should never use jQuery directly inside a web page when you’re using a browser extension. You must use jQuery in your extension, unless you’re using jQuery in an.html page that was loaded with jQuery already and thus has a local variable jQuery already. In the latter case, your extension can safely load jQuery and run its methods directly. In other words, it will never have to do work to find the elements it needs. In any case, you can always use document.getElementById(“element-id”) when you need to and jQuery can always be used inside extensions, you just have to avoid using it directly in a web page. 2 ( b ) 1 / 6 ( c ) – 2 0 / 9 ( d ) 0 . 4 b W h i c h i s t h e c l o s e s t t o –

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General system requirements apply. Minimum System Requirements: Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit version only), Windows 8.1 (64-bit version only), or Windows 7 (64-bit version only) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon 2.6 GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM Video: Nvidia Geforce 8600 or Radeon HD 2400 or better, Intel HD 4000 or AMD HD 4300 or better, or better DirectX: Version 11 Hard Disk Space