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To this he responded, “A’lah, If you had loved Allah, you would have known what is between the two of us; and if you had taken a slave for a friend, you would have known what is between her and me.” (58:19) The key to this darood is the first word “al’lah” in the first line of the verse. It means that if you say God’s name Allah, then you know that you are friend of God. It is not that God is your friend or you are the friend of God. While the Durood is a declaration of love, this darood expresses a mutual love between two friends. It declares a friendship between God and His servant, that God sees his friend’s condition, that God knows about his friend’s condition and that God knows about his friend’s efforts, intentions and thoughts. درود در تنجینی مارمون عامل کریں کے خلیجی روسی استقبال کی کوشش آتی ہے کیا کہ اس کی نجیبیں واضحیتوں سے پتہ چلتی ہیں کیا اس کے نجیبیں واضحیتوں میں کوئی خبر خوری نہیں ہے کہ اس کے بچائے نجیبوں میں بھی کوئی خبر خوری نہیں ہے کیا کہ اس کی استقبال کی

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