A Best-Looking Self Tons of great beauty products claim to make your face look thinner, or fill in that little wrinkle or add a bit of color, but the best way to look your best is to exfoliate and moisturize your entire body. Yes, it’s basic maintenance that protects your skin and allows it to look its best, but it’s also an opportunity to kick out what’s not helping you look your best. The type of workout routine you’re doing doesn’t matter. What matters is the type of diet you’re eating and the products you’re using. (Have you tried Drinking Wine Directly From the Bottle? It’s that good.) If you like a spot of self-care every day, then you’ve got a great start on this list of how to keep your body and mind looking their very best. A Better Hair and Skin After There are a few ingredients you’ll want to load into your daily or weekly routine to keep your body healthy, and we’re not talking about a massage and a cup of chai. We’re talking about pills. Most people that go to dermatologists and take prescription medications for acne, rosacea, and other skin issues will appreciate the relief and be more willing to stick to their schedule of taking medications. There are still plenty of alternatives out there that can help you fight acne, including those over-the-counter spots we’ve talked about in the past. Instead of going to your dermatologist every time you think you have a problem, try looking into the home remedies first. As for your body, it’s not a bad idea to take a look in the mirror and check to make sure you aren’t developing any issues that you might not have noticed before. Acne is the first thought that pops into our minds as it’s something we can all identify with, but there are many different things that will happen to a body when it’s not being taken care of. In addition to checking our skin for flaky pores or other issues, talk to your doctor to make sure you don’t have any underlying issues. If you feel fine, and are at a healthy weight, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. A Fresh Start Like the words on the label say, no one wants to start a new season with a broken nail or a black streak on their shirt. The same holds true when it comes to cleaning your house. You don’t want to make that first trip to the dumpster with https://bridesfromrussia.net/why-choose-russian-hookups-over-local-dating-and-us-girls.shtml
Photo: Getty The high-risk/high-reward type of party girl who is totally cool with jumping the bones of a stranger, as long as he’s pretty cool, too. Sometimes you can meet your future husband at a party, as long as there are plenty of women around. Just be sure to check in with that nervous new friend in your life a few times to make sure they’re still standing there, because, you know, we all get friendly in those moments. Photo: Getty Hands on the table, legs crossed, you’re waiting on a male friend to sit down and let you take up a little more of his valuable time. You’re confident that he is interested, and he is a good friend, so you’re just playing it cool. Without even looking up, you whip out your phone, type a message and send it to him. Waiting a few minutes, you check your phone and see that he actually opened your message, but something is still wrong—he didn’t respond. You call him. He tells you he was standing there just typing something, but he doesn’t even have your number. You try texting him again, but the same thing happens. Just as you’re about to give up, he calls you. Your sole objective was to find out whether or not he was interested and you have accomplished your objective. He wasn’t, but you get to keep the fun. This is exactly how the last relationship I was in ended. I was in a long-distance relationship, but we stayed connected through text and phone calls. Sometimes he’d bring me flowers, but I wouldn’t reciprocate. As the relationship progressed, I would ask for things like cards, gifts and phone calls on his birthday and Christmas. He’d send flowers or funny things, but it seemed like I did all the work. Photo: Getty While it is tempting to reject the approach you’ve learned in reverse-angle-of-attraction dating and bend in the opposite direction, you’ll be happy to know that the rules have changed. When you write “To whom it may concern,” you show up as a woman who’s pretty sick of small-talk, busy-work and small-fry one-night stands. You’re a businesswoman who knows that corporate employers are looking for employees who are more than just a pretty face. You’re looking for a life partner, something that will last, and if that means being selective