Expansion Campaign

The Bennington Public Library was established on May 14, 1948, made possible by a $50.00 donation from the Bennington Junior Woman’s Club. As the library is no longer large enough to provide the services and programs demanded by the burgeoning population of the greater Bennington Community, the Friends of the Bennington Library, the Library Board and volunteers in the community have come together to raise $1.1 million in the Imagine…Expand…Empower Campaign to renovate and expand the library to accommodate the diverse needs of a growing community.

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Imagine a larger Bennington Library and gathering space…

  • The current library space of approximately 1,500 sq. ft. does not meet the space requirements to serve over 4,000 active library users.
  • The current community meeting room of approximately 575 sq. ft. limits usage by community groups wanting to hold meetings and events due to space constraints.
  • There are no study rooms or quiet areas for studying.
  • There is no off-street parking.

Expand the possibilities…

  • Through community pledges and donations, the library and community meeting space will more than double in size from 2,373 sf to more than 6,100 sf.
  • The new Bennington Library will feature private study/meeting areas, spacious community meeting and conference rooms, with adjacent warming kitchen, for groups of up to 100 people.
  • Adequately display the library’s current and future materials collections to better serve the information needs of its patrons.
  • Provide a parking lot for safe access to the library.

Empower future generations today

  • Your pledge donation or in-kind gift (labor and materials) will be an investment in the lives of people who live within the greater Bennington community for years to come.

The library is a vital resource for adults who are conducting research to further their education and careers, bringing their children to check out books, DVDs and other media, and families who do not have access to Internet. The library also is used as a community meeting space for social service organizations such as the local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, the Women’s Club, and the Bennington Community Foundation.

An enhanced library will result in a stronger community, providing a place for people to volunteer, become educated, and access technology and services that will better people’s lives.

Contribute to a lasting legacy in our community and help future generations