Taking place in a lush, fantastic world that combines a lush, vibrant environment with the depths of science and spirituality, WAKFU is the most 3D grid-based MMO ever made. Combining an anime art style with authentic RPG gameplay, WAKFU is a vast MMO filled with characters, quests, loot, and an all-powerful magical world. The game world of WAKFU consists of four quadrants: The Lower World, a maze of caverns filled with life where humans have colonized and grow crops; The Upper World, the highest and most difficult to reach areas of the world where a group of exiled elves, the Foricinian Order, are building a new civilization; The Middle World, a land of rolling savannahs, wide lakes and vast deserts where humans have established their own small colonies; and The Plane of Wind, a magical plane where the ten billion souls of mankind wander throughout the seasons. WAKFU is unlike any other MMO you have played. You start with nothing: no equipment, knowledge of the world, or magic. Armed with a custom-built boat and a map of the world’s seven cities, you must journey to The City of Heroes and seek help to learn how to navigate the complex world, trade for goods and services, and build for yourself a unique and customized home (in your own likeness). Using the skills you acquire, you must explore the world in search of adventures, riches and knowledge to help you improve yourself and ultimately become a hero. You are NOT alone in the vast world of WAKFU. When you first arrive in a new city, you will find yourself smack in the middle of a war between giants and humanoids, and YOU are the ONLY human. Your mission is to explore, engage the enemy, and survive until the mayhem resolves, and you can move on. You find yourself in a maze of war – chaos makes monsters and mutants thrive, while humans and magic wage war on monsters and each other. Where you go, the story of WAKFU goes with you. Download WAKFU in the App Store! Visit our Subreddit! App Development Progress We are working on the app right now. All the screens shown below are rendered at the very first step when the app is opened. The entire screen will be downloaded and displayed in a few seconds. Press Settings to enter the app. In the menu, press Store to enter our website. A new window will open with


Features Key:

  • Enjoy the trick-based battles with random elements and dazzling visual combos.
  • Create your own army in epic battles against other players.
  • A balanced experience between novice and expert players.
  • KAKU: Ancient Seal /?????? Game screenshots:


    KAKU: Ancient Seal /?????? Totalvariant Games Key features:

    • A traditional RPG experience with random elements and dazzling visual combinations.
    • Allow players to enjoy the RPG battle experience with an unlimited number of characters.
    • Familiar characters from the original “KAKU: Ancient Seal” are included as well as new characters.
    • A variety of weapon classes, combined with classic weapon properties and gameplay: magic, fire, wind, water, lightning, defense, stealth, and teleportation, with many other weapon types that vary from fighting arts, swords, fists, and daggers.
    • A story mode with 9 battles where characters are randomly generated.
    • Challenge maps and sub-story modes where players can advance to new maps and realms that includes a “revival war” to redo challenges levels and proceed to the next battle.

    KAKU: Ancient Seal /?????? Game screenshots:


    KAKU: Ancient Seal /?????? Totalvariant Games Key features:

    • A traditional RPG battle system with random elements and dazzling visual combinations.
    • Allow players to enjoy a variety of battle combinations with unlimited number of characters.
    • Familiar characters from the original “KAKU: Ancient Seal” are included as well as new characters.</


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