The stadium mode has been enhanced to keep up with the pace of the new game. For example, in the new stadium mode, fans can now easily adjust the stadium size to cater for whatever game they are playing. Fans can also now watch highlights and box-to-box replays of FIFA 22 player highlights. Also highlighted in this update are the addition of a new, fully-realistic FIFA World Class Camps mode, 13 new FUT Cup teams from over 40 countries, over 100 new player likenesses, player ratings, kits, shaders, animations and more. Download FIFA 22 for PS4 or XB1 here.XSS vulnerabilities and Notices from cPanel and Plesk All We Care About I’m a busy guy and I tend to ignore the job that’s supposed to be done for me. It happens, you know. But not today. I want to write this article and I want to write about things that I care about. Mostly, I care about finding and fixing security vulnerabilities, but that’s not what this post is about. Let’s just jump in and take a look at a couple of things that I find interesting, and that are dear to me. I’ve been using cPanel and Plesk for the last 10 years and I’ve been the one to find and report most of the reported vulnerabilities, so I have a good idea of how to approach this kind of analysis. I recently came across some notifications related to some XSS vulns. They didn’t seem to be critical. After all, the site has lots of users and it was already deployed to production. I have yet to find an exploit, but it was still interesting. Sometimes, you don’t need to be critical to find something interesting. I wonder what’s on that page that would be critical. What I do in this case is I just try to find what’s interesting about this page. I don’t search for XSS vulnerabilities. I don’t care if it’s already fixed or not. It’s just interesting to me and I want to see what can be found. In this case, I can see that the admin has a great interest in XSS and he was disappointed when I told him that it was already patched. As I was looking for interesting stuff on a site


Features Key:

  • FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM – Choose your favourite team, then shape them your way using real-world superstars, hidden treasures and legendary players. Build your ultimate team, play solo or form clans to compete in online or local Co-op. You can also trade team tiers to adapt your team to any FIFA* scenario, create your very own custom team and play competitively with your friends wherever you are.
  • FIFA POSTSEASON EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS – Sign, captain, or join a team with other players using a new Real Player Motion Control technology, and play from the pitch to the dugout. Learn new skills, score new goals and unleash the magic of your favourite players for yourself or your very own Fantasy Premier League squad. Show off your work and challenge your friends with new LIVE* videos, which include highlight footage and in-game commentary from you and your mates and get tips and tricks from the likes of Gerd Muller, Thierry Henry and Zlatan Ibramovic.
  • HIDDEN TREASURES – Discover a new world of hidden treasures, unlock the past and develop your chosen position by learning new skills and uncovering new players. With over 6,000 real player comeos, there’s plenty of incredible unheard-of and unseen moments in FIFA 22, including David Beckham, Ronaldo and Zeljko Buvac. New hidden Speedstars and and Real Player Motion Control technology allow you to get more from all you do in the game.
  • ENHANCED CLOAK TANKS – Experience an improved, immersive touch system, allowing players to feel the ball, control possession, and more.


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FIFA is the best-selling sports franchise in the world and a global phenomenon. FIFA is widely regarded as the best soccer game ever made. FIFA is the best-selling sports franchise in the world and a global phenomenon. FIFA is widely regarded as the best soccer game ever made. The core gameplay has been improved and refined, ensuring players get to experience the thrill and unpredictability of the real sport every time. The virtual intelligence of the ball and player animation have been improved to deliver a more authentic and responsive playing experience. The control of players has been adapted to give players more control over the direction of play. How can I find out more about FIFA®? Can I get more details on the new features of FIFA® 22? FIFA® 18: Making Every Touch Count There have been fundamental changes to the philosophy of gameplay in FIFA 18. Get behind the ball and out of the way. This is where the real game is. The momentum of players, the speed of the game and the end product on the pitch have been enhanced. New: Positioning System Manage your opponents position. Keep an eye on where they will be and plan your next move. The positioning system helps dictate your opponents movement, while also being the most important aspect to winning. New: Mastery The first, and arguably most important way of winning a game is to master the set-pieces. Rely on the same set-piece routines to get free-kicks in advanced situations. Executing these free-kick routines are now much more vital. A new pass and body orientation system, is also introduced to further help you identify passing options. New: New Scout Series Scouts don’t just tell you about a player’s past performances. Our scouts give you an accurate estimate on what a player can do in the future. This year, your scouts will also give you an indication of how you can improve in your build up play. New: New Dynamic Drills Bare in mind, Dynamic Drills are some of the most important building blocks of any player. The more you do, the better your skills will become. Not only will players be able to perform faster, they will also have more creative freedom with the ball. New: New Success Challenges Throughout the matches, you will be challenged on the field to put your skills to the test. Success Challenges have been 684577f2b6


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With over 600 players to collect, more than 40 leagues and cups to compete in, all new challenges for every season, and the greatest competition in the world, FIFA Ultimate Team redefines what it means to play like a pro. A new card trading system opens up the world of FUT cards even further, allowing you to unlock players that others have earned or traded, as well as create a virtual collection with Legendary and Champion cards. The competition is fierce and the rewards are greater. MODE FEATURES Play as any of the 100+ Pro Clubs including Liverpool, Manchester United, Barcelona and more. Live out your Ultimate Fantasy with over 600 players with player models on the pitch. Create the ultimate team and play alongside the best players in the world in live FIFA Ultimate League matches. Compete for trophies in more than 40 leagues and cups from around the globe. Improve your attributes as your club rises through the ranks and become a top team. Dozens of classic tournament modes with a variety of unique and authentic playing conditions. Find and uncover hidden free agents with “Find and Bury.” Team up with friends and family to take on a variety of challenges. Play in any mode except FIFA Seasons – won’t run. Complete additional challenges and events to earn coins and prestige. Netcode Improvements – Netcode improvements address an issue where players could experience more impactful ball slips on online matches. Capture more great shots! You’ve unlocked the ability to capture shots with the Thumbs Down goalkeeping system. This allows you to add a skill-based meter on top of a new image capture screen. The meter will fill up over time for every successful shot, saving enough for a goal or a great save. Additional meter can be earned through success in challenges. If you activate the meter, you will need to hold and release the L2 button to use it. Allow users to control the camera angle and distance when taking shots. As a goalkeeper, you can now save the best shots. In FIFA Ultimate Team, we are expanding the Bronze to Gold cards to include a full line of Bronze, Silver, and Gold cards. Giroud Goal of the Month – Giroud scores goals all the time. That’s why we selected September’s goal with the Frenchman netting to complete a hat-trick


What’s new in Fifa 22: