Players in the demo created new momentum and speed and consistently performed sequences of actions with high skill levels and accuracy. They were able to use attacking strategies that combine the characteristics of the three main categories of players: passers, dribblers and finishers. Key features of FIFA 22 include: Replayability: Play the way you want. FIFA 22 will allow you to play your favourite game modes to the way you want. Play how you want, recreate your best game, take on friend challenges, or share your skills with others using FIFA Ultimate Team, creating your own Ultimate Team in their own unique way. Extraordinary authenticity: The combination of 2K’s award-winning animation and a depth of gameplay has led to fans being given a visual treat that rivals the impact of the player movements. Master the game: Players will not have to hit a ‘training’ button in FIFA 22, as the number of new tutorials and instructional videos, in addition to the suite of additional tools and information that can be accessed in FIFA Ultimate Team, mean that your FIFA experience will be all the more rewarding. Making History: FIFA now features a new authentic story mode, FIFA 22: History, which presents a more detailed and accurate view of the past from the beginning of the modern era to the 1950 World Cup, showing the entire story of the men’s game and focusing on the players, teams and historical moments that make up the sport. Immersive social experience: FIFA creates a new social experience through its new matchmaking system, which uses “virtual relationships” to help players find, play and improve with friends and other like-minded players from all over the world. Increased player movement: Players will be able to run faster, dribble more and execute a wider range of movements, which allows the ball to be played and controlled in new and unpredictable ways. Introducing “HyperMotion Technology”, which uses motion capture data collected from real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power gameplay, as well as making the game feel authentic and capturing the excitement of the sport to deliver an unparalleled football experience. The new Motion Intelligence technology can track every action, decision, skill, catch and touch, and simulate every touch and turn, giving the game incredibly accurate and realistic movement.


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • A new presentation philosophy featuring new camera angles, new Real-Time Camera, reworked training and customisation modes.
  • Level-based progression makes it easier to progress your club through the ranks. All in-game content is now earned only through playing matches and completing tasks in the game.
  • The off-field career, tasks, and Player Traits feature continue to evolve, with expanded functionality, improved reliability and more unlocked career challenges.
  • New friendship system enables players to make more meaningful decisions and makes the more personal interactions more fun and authentic.
  • New Counter-Strike-like Real-Time Player Select system, coupled with powerful Defending AI, makes switching players in the heat of battle easier.
  • The Player Impact Engine (PIE), which has previously been used in future FIFA titles, has been made even faster and more realistic, bringing more impact effects and transitions to players and taking the game to a new level of realism.
  • FIFA 22 is the first FIFA title to support Achievements for PlayStation 4.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team this year features the best cards in the game, alongside the FIFA classics, for a truly unique collection experience.
  • New Zones, new boosts, new Superstars, and more great FIFA features.
  • FIFA 22 now supports 4K.
  • A major reconstruction for user created content with the introduction of the ‘Grade Up’ system, which will allow players to easily enhance their teams online.
  • Over 60 leagues, 40 competitions, and 12 unique themes.


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FIFA® is the world’s leading videogame series for soccer. For more than 32 years, the award-winning franchise has consistently set the standard for sports video game innovation. With FIFA 22, experience the most authentic club soccer sensation in the franchise’s history on new platforms. The popular series returns to current-generation consoles for the first time in over a decade. For the first time ever, users can choose among the English Premier League™, Spanish La Liga™ and Portuguese Primeira Liga as well as a host of national league competitions and clubs from around the world. On the Xbox One X, FIFA is delivering both a massive leap in graphical power and an awe-inspiring leap in detail that sets the new standard for current-gen soccer gaming. FIFA on Xbox One X features improved lighting effects, vastly enhanced textures and environmental reflections – the most detailed presentation to date on the platform. Fans can also enjoy 4K 60 fps game play with HDR support. Surprisingly advanced, FIFA 21 With gameplay innovations and gameplay dynamics breaking new ground, FIFA is once again shaking the foundations of the game. This is no minor update. FIFA 21 brings fundamental gameplay advances to every mode of play. In Ultimate Team™, FIFA 21 introduces a new Defensive Squads feature called Defensive Squads. These are new and improved defensive tactics and are implemented via the Squad Builder, allowing for a whole new strategic depth for Ultimate Team strategy. The game also introduces a new Tactical Defending Intelligence System that helps players understand how to make the best decisions and deploy their team in any given situation. Throughout the season, FIFA 21 introduces a multitude of system-wide changes based on in-depth research, including the emphasis on accurate long passes, more precise shot direction and ball control intelligence. FIFA 21 returns to the World Cup after an eight-year absence. Leading up to the tournament, FIFA 21 introduces a host of meaningful gameplay innovations that will help players connect and understand the game faster than ever before. FEATURE LIST: • Greatest Club Football Experience in Franchise History with New All-Premier League Mode • Improved Goalkeepers and Defensive Tactics • New Squad Building Roles, Tactics and Features • Career Mode Additions • More Precision in Player Performance, Animation and Player Traits • Enhanced Depth of Field and Dynamic Lighting • New Camera Angles and Point of View bc9d6d6daa


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Try out new players, practise those finishing touches, and join the online community to create the ultimate collection of the best footballers in the world. FIFA Ultimate Team delivers new ways to earn and manage FIFA Ultimate Team cards, unlock elite player pieces, compete and draft in FIFA Ultimate Team Leagues, collaborate with your friends in online FIFA Ultimate Team Leagues, compete with other club owners in the latest additions to the Franchise Mode, and more. Xbox LIVE – * Xbox LIVE Gold membership required to play online with friends and connect to Xbox LIVE games online (sold separately). Xbox LIVE Vision – Introducing Xbox LIVE Vision, new technology that provides you with a number of new opportunities to interact with the world around you. Microsoft will continue to update the FIFA 2013 service with new features and service releases as they become available. For more information about the FIFA 2013 digital offerings, please visit Eliminate the enemy. FIFA Ultimate Team Enjoy a story like no other: a legendary career that spans nearly 20 years of soccer, from 1998 until the present day. The thrilling action of new FIFA Moments will take you back to unforgettable moments from football history. The FIFA Promise: Drive – Ultimate Team is a game of anticipation and careful planning. It’s not just about the final shot. It’s about being better prepared. Play – Football lives and breathes on the pitch. Make it your living room with the comfort of an authentic football experience. Unlock – The most avid football fans have the most to unlock. FIFA Ultimate Team will let you experience the thrill of seeing your favorite players come to life in football drama. The FIFA Promise for more exciting gaming action. Game modes Play with your friends online or in unique four-player games with other Windows LIVE Gamers. Go for the high Play to your strengths: Set and customize attack modes and tactics that help you play your way to the top. Get the ball Whether you’re a passing, a heading or a foot-ball playing genius – find the best way to play and master soccer. Rewind the game Test your skills in new and classic multiplayer seasons and tournaments to compete for the FIFA Ultimate Team World Tournament Cup. The FIFA Promise Play anytime You can play FIFA on the go. When you


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team will receive brand new cards for the multiplayer mode featuring team specific kits, vibrant new player personalities and signature star moves.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team will feature five-a-side Pro Am mode – with its full brand new stadiums, play areas, and dynamic gameplay. (FIFA Soccer 22)
  • FIFA Ultimate Team will feature single-player Champions League mode which like UEFA Supercup was the inspiration for its new gameplay. (FIFA Soccer 22)
  • Buy and sell players and players can now be happy and sad; for example, Diego Costa now has the “ace” expression. (FIFA Soccer 22)
  • FIFA Ultimate Team now has the ability to hang clothing at players. (FIFA Soccer 22)
  • There are new minimum distance for kicker assists in FIFA 22, with there having to be a minimum number of touches on the ball. (FIFA Soccer 22)
  • FIFA Ultimate Team cards featuring the new England shirt and season kits will be added to the game in the FIFA online store. (FIFA Soccer 22)
  • Player traits on FIFA Ultimate Team will now be visible at roster screen (FIFA Soccer 22)
  • New visual treatments applied to many new cards, especially boot. (FIFA Soccer 22)
  • In FIFA 22 the one hundredth card pack will be added to the all-encompassing virtual store. (FIFA Soccer 22)
  • Added more instagram features to the game to show screenshots of FIFA 22. (FIFA Soccer 22)


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Create your very own custom manager and lead your team in real-world games of football. With FIFA Ultimate Team™, select players, kits and even your stadium to create the ultimate team. FIFA The Journey™ is an all-new story mode that gives you the chance to step into the shoes of a new manager and guide your squad through a series of realistic scenarios in the 2017/18 FIFA World Cup™ campaign. Modify your gameplay skills with the EA SPORTS Football Club™ online service. EA SPORTS Football Club™ gives you access to your personal data in-game, and features the latest official team kits, transfers, training facilities, and player behaviour. Update: Official Windows Store links: Xbox Store | Google Play Store | iTunes Store Walkthrough: Launch FIFA 22 After opening the game, you will be taken to the welcome screen. Press X to continue and tap Set up 2K. Then select Argentina from the list of countries. Choose a language. Then select the “Expert” difficulty setting. You will now be taken through a tutorial on the basics of the game (How to set up teams, sets, and formations etc…). Tap B to skip to the “My Team” section. You will now be taken to the “My Team” section of the FIFA 22 game. Select Argentina from the list of countries. Choose your league (all leagues are available for all teams). Play a friendly match (or practice match) against human opponents. You will now have access to the My Team screen. You can see the names of the players on the pitch. You can tap on any name to see the player’s stats and stats screen. You can also tap the trophy icon in the top right corner to view details of the player’s career. Select your squad (this will take a minute or two). As you can see, you have already selected a squad which includes a few first team players. However, there are also many non-first team players in the squad. The squad you have been given is the one which the selected team has been put in for the 2018 FIFA World Cup™. However, you will have to choose which players you want to use. If you want to change the selection, it will ask you to go back to the “My Team”


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