#1 is for Ladies: Rule #1 Either you have mastered dating or you are just beginning. Rule #1: Either you have mastered dating or you are just beginning. #2 is for Gentlemen: Focus on a Girlfriend You’ve met some people that you really like. You have some good potential date options. You probably know where you stand. But, and this is important, it is extremely unlikely that you are going to find a very good, long-term match by just hanging around. You need to be smart about your dating, and even more specifically, you need to be picky and precise in your dating choices. You don’t want to be someone’s first choice, nor do you want to date for too long and get too comfortable. What you want to do is find a “range” of suitable people and then dedicate a specific amount of time to each of them. The more time you devote to dating, the better the odds of finding the right girl will be. Here are five attributes you look for in a new (or a new-to-you) girlfriend, along with an example of how to date for those characteristics: 1. Quality over quantity. Go out with as many people as you can and take your time doing so. You’ll know which people you want to see more of based on their ability to provide you with one of the five qualities discussed below. 2. Be open to meeting people in a variety of locations. If you have trouble meeting someone new, try networking, doing something that interests you, or hanging out in places that are likely to attract singles and give you a chance to get to know people. 3. Be driven, but not uptight. When you go on a date, be open and have fun, but don’t be self-conscious. You want to be yourself, because you are the most authentic person you will ever meet. Keep your energy positive, and you’ll draw others to you. 4. Be able to take criticism. People do not date people they don’t like. And they don’t like people who are easily offended or are unable to take criticism well. Learn to listen and to accept compliments. You won’t get enough of either. 5. You can be a people pleaser and it is fine with me. I’m not expecting you to http://www.spicysingles.co.uk/articles/why-use-adultsearch-in-uk-and-hook-up-british-escorts
All told, I’ve been on more dates this year than I’ve had in the previous decade. While I’ve had plenty of personal and professional success over the years, many of them have come from mistakes. When you don’t have as much experience as others, having some inside knowledge can go a long way. For that reason, I asked some of my friends and colleagues to share their dating tips and secrets that made them successful. So whether you’re trying to meet that cute new doctor at a party or find the right person to have coffee with on a rainy Saturday, use these tips to put yourself on the fast track to a lasting relationship. How to win a love battle Trial by fire makes a great storyline, but it probably won’t make you the person your significant other ends up with. If you want to make your partner fall in love with you, cultivate real friends first. Throw yourself into hobbies and volunteer projects, and be involved with your community. When you know someone well enough, they’ll start to see you as something more than just a funny, sexy-as-hell stranger. The more time you spend with your friends, the more time you’ll have to spend dating. And let’s face it: It’s easier to befriend a hot guy than a beautiful girl. How to manage the little stuff Once you get past the whole “I’ve never been on a date in my life” stage, you’ll hit the “I don’t know how to act” stage. It’s easy to call all the shots when a relationship isn’t going anywhere: You control the amount of time you spend with someone, you make the arrangements, and sometimes you even dictate what you should do. But when you do have a relationship, be open to compromise. Even if the person you’re with has a different idea of what’s best, accepting their input will help you stay on the same page. Learning to listen and make your partner feel heard will set the stage for a healthy relationship. How to embrace flirty flirting I’m always surprised at how many people still can’t flirt. I mean, flirting is basically one of the two most widely accepted forms of courtship in the world, and it’s something that can be fun for both parties. Flirting is a lot more successful if you’re genuinely interested in someone, and that person in turn will be interested in you. But even if you don’t have any romantic intentions, being a little bit forward