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I was delighted to find this simple tool that provides the user with a quick access to Excel. Unfortunately, there is only an Active version (yet). However, it allows the user to create and edit Excel sheets in a very easy way. So, if you’re looking for a really simple Excel editor to use, don’t miss this one. Microsoft’s own JScript seems like a good idea (just ask Bill Gates) so what better way than to fix a useful, but aging, program with that language. JScript promises to make scripting for Excel painless, and to be faster than VBA and Visual Basic. Right now, Microsoft is trialing JScript in Excel 2003 SP1, but you won’t find the scripting world (and the Excel community) jumping for joy. Some are trying JScript out as a test. Others believe that they’ll be back in Excel, when they’re ready. If you find JScript worth a try, your test should be simple. Start Excel, go to the Developer tab, and click the Run button. You should see this dialog box: In Microsoft’s eye-shaped cursor, JScript is making the next step in the world of scripting. Here, you’ll see just a few things you can do with Excel. First of all, you can write some basic VBA with this simple dialog box: The other most important aspect of JScript is that you can test Excel functions with it. Start Excel, go to the Developer tab, and click the F12 key. You’ll see the ‘Function Wizard’ dialog, with a list of all available functions in the Excel list. Click on the function you’re interested in testing, click OK, and then you can execute it in JScript in an Excel worksheet: It’s a bit harder to work with JScript, because it’s not accessible from the main VBA Object Model. So, you must use the Excel object model directly. For example, here’s how you can retrieve a worksheet reference. First, we get a reference to the Excel instance with a little bit of object model goodness. Then, we can use it. Finally, we unload the workbook and close the Excel instance: Here’s the method in VBA: VBAObjects VBScript = CreateObject(“Excel.Application”) Excel = VBObjects.Application.Workbooks.Open(“C:\

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JSheet has a simple and intuitive design that gives users a fast and agile power to work with spreadsheets. A simple point-and-click interface and a simple drag-and-drop feel make JSheet easy to use. JSheet Features JSheet supports formula editing, highlighting, and copy/paste. A user can define his own spreadsheet. Standard cells can be added to the spreadsheet. JSheet is a standalone application with no installation. JSheet has a small memory footprint. JSheet runs on a wide variety of OSs including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc. JSheet is available in more than 30 languages. JSheet is cross-platform and can be used on a variety of devices. JSheet Dictionary: JSheet is an advanced spreadsheet application. JSheet has a lot of dedicated utilities to help users manage and work with their data. Users can enter new values or edit existing ones. JSheet can autofill values in cells. JSheet can draw and fix links between cells and detect changes in the data. A: I just use LibreOffice Calc It’s built into most distros and is free. A: Google Docs or Excel Google Docs is free, easy to use and and have some integration with Apps like GMail. It is not free if you want a better quality or customize your spreadsheet a lot. Excel is good for a lot of things, I tried and used to a lot of them. It is also free for anyone, but do you want to customize your own spreadsheet, it is harder and it’s not free. Google Docs C) Example of a single track section of the track system having ten track support plates. As seen in FIG. 2, each of the two plates 22, 23 having the track 21 is separated by the barrier plates 30. A top plate 30b, which is made up of a single layer of plates, forms the top of the barrier. Also illustrated are the discrete plates 30a which are used to separate sections of the track. As seen in the track system of FIG. 1, the plates may be thin, having a thickness of approximately 1/8″. FIG. 3 illustrates an alternative embodiment of a track system having multiple tracks 31 which are substantially aligned b7e8fdf5c8


JSheet is a Java based spreadsheet application which can be used for both personal and business purposes. It consists of many classes for excel like data sets and a simple user interface where you can calculate and add/delete rows and columns of spreadsheet. It also supports JTable, JTextArea, menus, columns, numbers, links, shared memory, a tree view, indexes and so much more. JXplorer is a file manager based on Java. It has the ability to open remote SSH, SFTP and FTP files. JXplorer includes a number of protocols that allow the user to open remote files. It has drag and drop support. JXplorer is multithreaded, this allows it to work really fast. JXplorer adds multiple file choosers, a FTP / SFTP / SSH client, a file manager that allows you to browse remote files, a remote browser, download manager, an ftp manager, a http server and a shaded filesystem tree. JZip File Manager is a powerful file manager for java that allow the user to view, create, extract, create self extract, compress, delete, rename, copy, move, create and extract archives, extracts from zip files, views the file in zip files, get file properties and get file information, split/join/split files, an unzip application, a compress application, compressed files, decompress application, decompress from zip files and many more powerful features. JZip File Manager is based on the ZIP format. The application can search files, replace text, preview/extract/compress/decompress files, extract a single file or an entire archive. The application has a self extracting function which allows you to easily view, create and extract files from archive files. JZip File Manager is extremely simple and easy to use. Sugar4j is a library for J2EE and Servlet applications. Sugar4j is a lightweight, cross-platform library for high level objects, in particular those classes in which multiple behaviors are available in a single component. Sugar4j is designed to work both on the server side, as a library for servlet containers and on the client side, as a library for Java applications and J2EE client applications. Sugar4j consists of two parts: the Portable Object Model, which contains the high level object classes and object

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Table Split Hide Row Hide Column Sort Calculate Sort After Save Calculate After Save Autosize Excel VBA Integration A: J+ provides a LOT more than Excel. I’ll just list a few: Cell formatting Insert a menu for your Mac’s default programs (Google Docs, QuarkXpress, etc.) Use HTML or LaTeX/MathML for any cell values Add a charting function or a graph You’re hardly going to want to use Excel for non-trivial spreadsheet functions. For simple number or date calculation or formatting, there’s nothing wrong with it. But the raw power of J+ is that you can get your work done faster and keep it out of the way of the single-user Excel application. You are here Krakatoa Erupts Overview In 1883 a violent eruption of the Indonesian island of Krakatoa threw a hundred cubic kilometres of debris into the air. The ground shook for nearly sixty miles out to sea, and dust storms led to global panic and famine. The resulting tsunami (a wave formed when an ocean earthquake breaks an underwater seabed) swept through the globe’s oceans and left a hundred thousand people dead. Since then a new generation of scientists has been able to establish how the volcanic eruption actually happened. Existing records of the explosions, the movement of the ocean floor, and the ocean’s surface motion were examined and compared with predictions made by Krakatoa’s huge lava dome. The results confirm that the lava dome actually did collapse and send a huge wave charging out across the Indian Ocean. They also reveal the true scale of the volcanic eruption. The collapse of the dome released enough energy to send a huge tsunami as high as sixty miles. As many as one hundred thousand people were drowned. The dome, which was three hundred and fifty metres high, made the sound of nearly two thousand explosions as it collapsed. Many of these explosions lasted only a few minutes, but together they must have generated megatonnes of energy. To give a sense of the energy released: a 300-metre tsunami travelling at the speed of a jet airliner would be equivalent to the energy released by a hundred nuclear explosions. Show more The scientists who studied the eruption are now looking at what they have learned from the catastrophe to see if it can be applied to

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OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Processor: 3 GHz processor or equivalent Memory: 1 GB RAM HDD: 15 GB available space Graphics: GPU compatible with DirectX 11 DirectX: Version 11 Other: English Language How to Play: Click the “Start Game” button on the main menu. During game play, the window will be minimized. Ask HN: Software API for some data entry – dhruvkar I am