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Read your Kindle books on any device with the best ebook reading experience, on any browser, with the Kindle Cloud Reader extension for Chrome. The Kindle Cloud Reader is a groundbreaking web browser extension, that enables you to read your Kindle books on any device with the best ebook reading experience, on any browser. With the Kindle Cloud Reader extension for Chrome, you get one consistent reading experience no matter what device you are using. The Kindle Cloud Reader extension for Chrome is a desktop extension and does not require that you log into your Kindle account. So you can read books on your computer, tablet, phone, or Google Chrome’s browser using the Kindle Cloud Reader extension for Chrome. Translate text within any Kindle book and find definitions with the Kindle Cloud Reader extension for Chrome. On top of all this, you get the best reading experience on every device using the Kindle Cloud Reader extension for Chrome. Watch FREE videos from your favourite YouTube channels right from your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and now, Kindle Fire HD (with the Kindle Fire HD app). Videos are easy to browse right from the Kindle Fire HD home screen, with tabs for the videos you’ve already viewed, and categories that let you browse based on your interests: news, comedy, sports, kids, music, beauty, cooking, home improvement, gaming and more. As you watch videos on your Kindle Fire HD, you can add your own tags to keep all your videos organised in the Kindle Cloud and easily find them later. You can also write notes for your videos to remember what you enjoyed or didn’t enjoy watching them. In the Kindle Store, you can browse videos and books with a single, simple interface. Why videos on Kindle Fire? Personal Video Calling Have a video conversation with friends and family using personal video calling The new video calling feature works over WiFi or 3G, so you can stay connected even when you don’t have access to a wireless network Great video quality The quality of your video calls is set by the media player, which can be set to MP4, H.264 or HE-AAC. The default setting is MP4, which is the best option for video calls on Kindle Fire. MP4 is typically better quality than H.264 or HE-AAC but takes more space on Kindle Fire. See your friends and family the way they see you See your friends and family on the big screen The Kindle Fire HD comes with a second camera on the back

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With Kindle Optimizer, you can translate text from your e-books, initiate Google searches, copy text and images, as well as add notes to books. Main features: + Copy text or images; + Translate text; + Search (does not use the Kindle Cloud Reader website or API); + Add notes; + Synchronize notes across devices; + Sync e-books in the Cloud; + Synchronize highlights between Kindle-only and Kindle for PC. Instructions: 1. Install the extension; 2. Open Amazon Kindle e-books; 3. Search for text; 4. Select word; 5. Highlight content; 6. Select “Translate”; 7. Click on the “Translate” button, or use Amazon Translate’s buttons; 8. Select “Copy”; 9. Select “Add to Kindle Notes”. Get it here: Full description and feature list. “At the core of the Kindle Cloud Reader app is the Kindle-enabled web browser. When you are reading an e-book, you are taking advantage of the reader’s ability to access the web (Kindle cloud) on your computer. You also can access the Kindle store through your Amazon-enabled web browser, but that comes with some limitations. The Kindle Cloud Reader is a stand-alone app that brings the convenience of the Kindle Cloud Web Browser to mobile devices, including tablets. With the Kindle Cloud Reader, you can read books on your mobile device, and then synchronize your e-books in the Cloud to continue reading from your Kindle on the computer or Kindle app on your tablet. Note: Data plans are required to synchronize your books to the cloud or from the Kindle cloud reader app to the Kindle app on your Kindle Fire tablet. The fee range depends on your e-book and data plan usage. Data plans are purchased separately.” You can read a description here: Feel free to review this App here: Note that this version is now more integrated with Android b7e8fdf5c8

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========================== Kindle Optimizer is a Chrome extension designed for Kindle Cloud Reader users who want to translate text from their e-books, initiate Google searches and even copy text or images. It integrates well with the Kindle Cloud Reader interface and is very intuitive. The new functions are easily accessible. Kindle Optimizer Features: ============================= When using Kindle Cloud Reader, you can click on a word to view its definition, as well as highlight content or add notes. The features offered by this extension are integrated into the same menu, and they don’t look out of place. While the extension’s icon is also displayed in the Chrome toolbar, you should probably just hide it in the menu, as it serves no purpose aside from letting you know that the extension is active. Copy content, translate text and launch searches Once you have selected a word or phrase, you can send it to Google Translate. The service will be accessed via a new tab, and from then on, the process is self-explanatory. Alternatively, you can launch a Google search using the selected text. It will be opened in a new tab, and it can be very helpful if you can’t find a word’s definition. Lastly, the extension allows you to copy text or images, which is something Kindle Cloud Reader normally prohibits. The extracted content will be opened in a new window, and you can then save it or copy it to the clipboard. Additional information: ======================== Download the extension from the Chrome Web store: Follow me on Twitter: Linkedin: Useful links: ====== Google Translate: Amazon Kindle App: Google Web Search: Keyboards: Extension for Google Translate: Google Web Search:

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Kindle Optimizer is designed for Chrome users who want to translate text from their e-books, initiate Google searches and even copy text or images. It integrates well with the Kindle Cloud Reader interface and is very intuitive. About Author Ronald M. Aamodt Ronald Aamodt has been writing about the Android platform and apps since 2009 and owns almost as many Android devices as he owns glasses. He runs the Android Central hub, as well as the Android Sessions and Android: Hard & Software podcasts. He’s the author of the bestselling book Android Application Development (Packt, 2015). View Profile » If you enjoyed this review, you might also enjoy these reviews: Amazon Cloud Reader (Beta) Kindle Cloud Reader Review When reviewing e-book services, I like to look at the things I can do with the content on my devices. Kindle Cloud Reader is an excellent example of such an e-book service, and here are some things it can do for you. This Chrome extension makes it easy to translate your e-book text. The Kindle Cloud Reader is an excellent e-book service, but it lacks functionality sometimes. There are times when you would like to find something in your e-book and it isn’t in the source text. In these cases, you don’t have to lose your place or even go to the e-book store. With this extension, you can translate any text you find in your Kindle e-book. Another use case for this extension is when you would like to find a word or phrase in your e-book and not have its definition be a link to another page. You can simply translate the word and continue reading. It’s a great feature. There is also a new feature that allows you to grab any text in your Kindle e-book and use it to search Google. This is especially helpful if you are looking for information that wasn’t in the original book, and the Kindle Cloud Reader is much cheaper than Amazon’s cloud-based service. One of the most interesting things this extension can do is to search Amazon. It shows you the related books. This can be especially helpful if you’re reading about a topic and would like to find out more. You can also add notes, highlighting, and share text. All of these things are well-implemented, and you can access this while reading the Kindle e-book on any device you have.

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