Roblox is a cloud-based platform for building games that allows users to create their own games and play them in a 3D virtual world. Roblox was founded by David Baszucki, who also co-founded the Internet channel eBaum’s World, and his friend Erik Cassel. The website was launched in September 2006 and opened its doors to developers in August 2007. The first game developed on Roblox was “Lollypop Farm” (also known as “Lollypop Kitties”), a game based on the TV show The Fairly OddParents. The game was released on August 28, 2007, and over 1.5 million users played the game between then and November 2007. In April 2008, the company announced that it had raised $5.3 million in venture capital, led by Balderton Capital. Roblox was also accepted into the Y Combinator program that same year, and in September 2008, Roblox announced a $35 million Series A round of funding, led by Bessemer Venture Partners, North Bridge Venture Partners, and Technology Crossover Ventures. In September 2009, the company announced that they had $16 million more in funding, led by Bessemer Venture Partners. In July 2010, the company laid off approximately 17% of its workforce, and opened the new offices in San Francisco. In February 2011, Robert Lucenti of Bessemer Venture Partners said, “There’s about a billion dollars in revenue and 10% gross margin. If this company only gets to 12%-15%, it’s still a compelling story.” In July 2012, Roblox announced $30 million in Series B funding led by Bessemer Venture Partners. In 2012, Roblox announced a partnership with Yahoo! Games, in which games built on Roblox would be distributed to Yahoo! games’ users, and games built for Yahoo! Games would be distributed to Roblox users. The partnership allowed Yahoo! to start selling Roblox games. Roblox CEO David Baszucki stated that Roblox had reached 1.2 million monthly active users and 500,000 mobile users in 2012. A partnership with Google resulted in a similar distribution agreement in 2013. On May 8, 2013, Roblox announced that it had raised $48 million in a Series C round of funding, led by Mohr Davidow Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. In July 2013, Roblox announced a partnership with


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