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1. **Mastering the Basics.** This chapter covers Photoshop’s very basic applications so that you can begin creating images. You will learn how to import images from your camera’s memory card, read and import RAW images from digital cameras, and create new images from digital scans and camera memory cards. This chapter also covers common tools like brushes, tools, and gradients. The chapter ends with a tutorial on creating custom backgrounds and blending them into images to improve the overall color and texture of the image.

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In this tutorial we will learn to create an awesome emote that will be very popular in a creative and funny way. It’s time to start and create a cartoon-ish pirate emote. You will learn the following aspects about creating a funny emote: Creating a canvas Creating a new vector image Adding a text layer A simple path stroke effect Some text effects Adding a fish-eye effect Setting up the perfect environment A hexagon head Turning it into an.psd image Adding an eye with masks Getting to know the alpha channel Masking with GIFs Making the outline Adding a little skull Adding the tool for the corner of the eye Creating an awesome face Adding the outside details Adding bright colors Creating the main shape Adding a few lines of hair Adding antlers Adding the lips and a tongue Adding a pirate hat Putting some reflection in the face Adding a big eye Adding a stingray Adding some seaweed Adding a pirate sword Adding a metallic look Adding some ghost outlines Creating a shadow with a fish-eye Turning it into a.psd Adding a few more lines of hair Adding two big eyes Adding an eye with a smile Adding a spine Making a quick eye Putting reflective stickers Adding a mouth and tongue Adding an eye with circles Adding some high contrast colors Adding a ruler Adding a beard Adding a button Adding some creepy eyes Adding a fishing trawl Adding a button Adding an iron cross Adding some lines on the eyebrow and nose Adding a fish-eye Adding a part of a rubber smiley face Removing the character’s face Adding a mouth Creating a new text layer Adding a few holes Adding lines to fill the whole head Adding a dot on the head Adding a gummy smile Creating the hand Creating a new text layer Adding the eye Painting the teeth Creating a simple background Creating a new watercolor background Adding some grungy lines Adding shadows Creating the fingers 05a79cecff

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Brushes in Photoshop are an essential tool. Depending on the occasion, they can be used in various ways. And there are literally thousands of brushes you can use to make your photos awesome. While most digital art is abstract, you can still use Photoshop to create more traditional art. When you create a new image, you will be asked to choose a brush. You can select a solid-colored, gradient, or patterned brush from the menu. Photoshop brushes can be really expensive, so you should explore how you can make your own brushes in Photoshop. If you can create a brush that is considered standard, you can use it for a fee. There is no way to use the same brush several times. The Brush Tool can be used to create gradients, or create custom gradient fills for text. To create custom brushes, right-click (Windows) or Ctrl+click (Mac) on the canvas and choose Select > Edit Brush, then navigate to the brushes tab. You can then select a brush to use. To make a new brush, press Ctrl+D (Windows) or the Cmd+D (Mac) key. Alternatively, you can select a color from the color picker, shown below, and then click and drag to create your own. Brushes can be either solid or have preset patterns. For most people, the gradients are the most popular brushes because they are probably already familiar with gradients from other software. Gradients can be created by using the Brush Tool (W) or the Gradient Tool (G). You have these options when you use the Brush Tool (W): Gradient presets: The Gradient Options panel has several gradient presets that you can use: Pencil You have these options when you use the Gradient Tool (G): Pencil Pencil is where you select the colors you want by clicking on the pattern you want to use. Click on the color you want to fill the gradient with. Once you are done selecting colors for your gradient, click OK. You have these options when you use the Gradient Brush (G): Pattern You have these options when you use the Gradient Brush (G): For more information about using the Gradient Tool (G) and the Gradient Brush (G), see the Brush Basics tutorial. The Gradient Brush (G) is useful in a few ways: You can use the Gradient Brush to

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