Supers. Volume 6 is a pack of tokens for the Runequest game. It contains 4 enchanted items, 4 superweapon tokens, and 2 artifacts. There are also 3 player characters; a PC, a low-level PC, and a NPC. This is a pack for fantasy roleplaying and is intended for use with the Runequest roleplaying game (a d6 roleplaying game, or D6). Each item is presented in its most commonly seen appearance. The 4 PC tokens each have one granted power and one granted knowledge. The ‘Artifacts’ token is a powerful item of unknown origin. It can be used by a PC character, but has a category and is very rare. It is presented in its adventure pack standard appearance. The 4 Superweapon tokens each have an ungodly name (not printed on the token) and a special attack. Each superweapon token represents one possible superweapon. Introduction: This volume includes tokens for the PC tokens and three superweapon tokens for the superweapon tokens. All tokens for each type are based on the classic Runequest token pack tokens. All are standard Runequest tokens that will work with the basic Runequest rule book. The superweapon tokens are also likely to require the basic Runequest rule book when used with one of the power rules found in the Runequest rules (Powers, Runequest, page 166). The superweapons found in this volume are provided to more advanced players that are looking for more options. However, they will be useful to players of all levels. The 4 enchanted items are instead based on the magical items from the Runequest: Supers, volume 5. Because these items are not covered in the basic Runequest book they should be replaced by the magical item tokens from volume 5 before using these in the game. The tokens for the PCs are for use with the standard Runequest rulebook but need to be replaced by the tokens from the DM’s token pack for the edition of Runequest used. The tokens for the NPCs and low level PC have no rules and are meant for use in the game. There are no stats on these tokens. All 3 tokens, the Artifacts and the Superweapon tokens have their own introduction, all with a short spell for finding the superweapon/item and a short description of its abilities. Each token has a short text describing the character’s origin, and at least one of the superweapon


Features Key:

  • New Interactive levels
  • Inspired by arcade games from the 80’s
  • Run, jump and destroy
  • Punish your enemies with an arsenal of 8 equipped weapons
  • Boss Hunt Mode


Use the WASD keys to navigate the game- play keys to drop into the area above the boss

Category: Action

How to Install:

  • 1. Unrar
  • 2. Burn/Install (Win)
  • 3. Copy over game files from CODEX to installdir
  • 4. Play!


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This adventure VR game is inspired by the Walt Disney Park and Inspired by the new 90s science fiction movie “Rai: The Game”. The player takes on the role of DoVille VR virtual crime solving expert and goes through 3 episodes in the story of DoVille VR, the extreme VR crime adventure. Each episode features 10 mini interactive fun puzzles that you need to solve in a attempt to stop the criminal and help the police get their investigation started. “If you like VR games, you’ll love this one. In a way it’s like Pokémon Go with all the mystery and everything.” – iPhone User Review: 4/5. “I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I first started playing DoVille VR, but it was a game I got completely immersed into. The puzzles are engaging and the story is intriguing. I highly recommend DoVille VR.” – SFK User Review: 4/5. “An experience that will last. I have been playing this game for a few days now, and I still can’t stop going back to it. I always learn something new and I’m hooked.” – TechAntiquary User Review: 4/5. Key Game Features: – 3 unique episodes to explore and solve! – Collect all items to solve the crime! – 10 mini interactive fun puzzles to solve! – Compete with your friends and see who can solve the crime first! – IOS12+ Compatible – Enjoy the complete story in the novella of DoVille VR – Cross platform game: play DoVille VR on any Apple or Android device, your game is downloaded once and it will work on all the devices you own. – Use your iPhone or Android device as a touchpad to interact with the virtual world. – Collection: collect all available items – Share your world with friends: take screenshots of the virtual world and send it to your friends on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or post the screenshot on your story directly. – Immerse yourself in the world of DoVille VR, a VR crime adventure experience where you solve puzzles and learn useful information to solve the case. Instructions: 1. Click on the button to go into the VR game world. 2. Touch your iPhone as a controller to interact with the buttons, house items and speak with the townspeople. 3. You can move around the town with your finger. What c9d1549cdd


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The Hero! Jump, dodge and slash your way through hordes of monsters and conquer the evil across the world. The Side-Kick! Fight alongside your new side-kick and fight to keep the evil and it’s’ minions at bay. Get the power boost and earn more loot to help you in your quest. The Adventure! Explore the over world map to find the hard to reach treasures and complete quests to save your new friends from an even greater evil. A unlockable trading card game feature is included. The Story! Story starts out in a dark and foreboding land where you start the game in a ruined city. It’s a dark and stormy night but the clouds that loom over the city are red and black. Your new friend tells you the world has a dark stranger in it. The fire of freedom blazes in the hearts of the heroes across the land. You must find them and join the quest to save the land from an impending doom. You can view a demo at: Game Reviews: (Always use the links to the right) published:19 Jul 2017 views:245 In the year 2025, the world has been taken over by robotic servants, processors, and other technological wonders. This is the world that Autonomous, a fast-paced, 60-action, run ‘n’ slash 3D video game presents, where robots aren’t just robots. The game masterfully blends classic 2D action platforming with beautiful 3D environments and day-night cycle in a Rogue-like experience, offering up one of the most immersive gameplay experiences available. Gather, fight and die over and over and be one of the masterful heroes of the Rogues! 00:00 – Introduction 02:44 – Game overview 10:04 – Controls and battle 17:33 – Bosses 19:33 – Gameplay tips and tricks 22:43 – The Rogue-like gameplay 30:28 – The Cinematic experience 34:43 – Multiplayer and legend mode 40:04 – Collectables and achievements 43:02 – Rogue mode unlockable content 45:18 – Conclusion Get it on Steam:


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’s Band of Merry Men Fairfax County | A wooded path leads just to the east of Richard of Huntingdon Court House, Virginia, down off Route 7 into a tiny patch of wooded live oak forest. Unsurprisingly, there’s a sign here referencing a conservative Virginia state representative, hunting violations being a frequent topic of discussion in the “pavilion” around Richard of Huntingdon. And then—unexpectedly?—out from the forest grows a little “Robin Hood” set, with a centerpiece tavern built in the style of, you guessed it, a tavern in Sherwood Forest. It’s a small-scale imitation, but it’s impressive—a good sign that you’re getting closer to the forest. We had assumed it’s just a more elaborate stand of oaks, but we found—to our surprise—the tale of five English outlaws who called this place home. More surprising, perhaps, is just what these men became: not just leaders of a band of roaring outlaws (which most of us, at some point in our childhoods, have seen on a television screen), but most importantly: men of the church. Robin Hoods are said to haunt Sherwood Forest, but this Robin Hood isn’t just any Robin Hood. He is one of only two legitimate Middle English poets who adopted the alias. He was a man named Henry herself—a priest, minister of worship, one of the most learned men of his time. Get Fairfax County Most famous for his writings about King Arthur and his journey to the Holy Grail, Löwe Adam was born in England in approximately 1185. (“Löwe” is an Old Germanic term that first appeared around A.D. 800 and ended up becoming a variant of “wolf,” and “Ad” became “Adam,” so it’s a little easier to connect the dots.) Henry worked from 1217 to 1252, and spent much of his life teaching at the university at the University of Oxford, which is still in operation today. (His room is now the school’s Medieval Institute.) His life and career are recounted in Faith Seeking Understanding, a study done by the University of Chicago’s Department of English and the Chicago Medieval Institute. A prolific writer, Henry is listed—beside Chaucer


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Great Pyramid VR – Fantastic Facts will take you to the very depths of this world’s most iconic monument. You will see how history unfolds, experience the inner workings of the pyramids, find out their function, and discover the theories behind their creation. What was it really like to live in ancient Egypt? Explore the rich civilization with your own Virtual Reality. Experience the story of this magical place. Meet one of the most intriguing personalities in history, king Cheops. Get a glimpse into the life of a pharaoh, the absolute rule of this dynasty. Notice: Requires a VR headset. Supports Steam VR. Installation: Please download and install Steam Client. After that, you must run the game and you can install it in.exe format. Please do not open the Steam Client after you install the game. To open the Steam Client, double-click on the game and follow the instructions. Play the game! Comments and ratings for Great Pyramid VR (45 stars) by Greg Harshaw on 15/12/2018 Amazing work, very well done! (45 stars) by Galadriel on 08/12/2018 Amazing!!!! (45 stars) by Brujo Jussi on 02/12/2018 Great VR experience, highly recommend! (45 stars) by Michal Kowala on 02/12/2018 Great Job, I love the adventure in the pyramids! (45 stars) by Xav de Samper on 29/11/2018 This game rocks! (45 stars) by Eva Moore on 15/11/2018 Great opportunity to learn and be mesmerized by this ancient marvel of technology, the first step in understanding the history of the pyramids and the modernization of human kind. (45 stars) by jean martello on 13/11/2018 It is an amazing experience, a virtual walk through the Great Pyramids. (45 stars) by Hevean McLoughlin on 11/11/2018 It’s like looking inside a real ancient pyramid… Thank you. (45 stars) by Sekhar S. Menon on 18/10/2018 Its awesome. Is running in my Alienware R1 PC! (45 stars


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  • Download Hot Squat 2: New

  • 1.Double-click file to decompress the installer
  • 2.Install the game


  • CPU: Pentium I / Pentium II / Celeron
  • 2 MB RAM
  • 80 MB HD space

System Requirements:

1) Machine : Intel or AMD compatible with at least 1.6 GHz CPU, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 2) Memory: 2 GB RAM 3) Graphics: The minimum graphic card is DirectX 9 4) Sound Card: The minimum requirements are DirectX 9 compatible sound card and HD audio. If you want to play in surround, make sure you have a surround sound speaker system. The output audio must be able to be heard. 5) Hard Disk: 2GB free space on your hard…-crack-mega-full-product-key-download-x64/