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Techlogica HTTP Server is a fully featured local web server. It’s easy to setup and use, and is especially ideal for PHP or CGI-based scripts. Techlogica HTTP Server is very easy to set up. To set up a website for testing on the Techlogica HTTP Server, simply follow these instructions: 1. Select a website root folder for your website. For example, a folder with your script-based pages. 2. Select which language you want to run your website on (PHP or CGI). 3. Select a folder where you want your logfiles to be stored. For example, a folder named “logfiles”. 4. Start the server. 5. Open your browser and type in the URL of your website. You may also enable some extras. By default, there are 3 options, in the “Web Site” tab: ■ Show HTTP headers ■ Activate logging for requests that are made by IPs ■ Show full usage statistics You may also check the option to not use a default logfile but instead to use a specific folder. ■ Write logfiles to a specified folder This option can be very useful when you want to enable logging for a specific folder or site but you don’t want to have a logfile in the default path (the default path is /var/log/http_server/www.example.com_logfile.log). ■ Use logfile layout as default This option is only available when your website runs in PHP. The purpose of this option is to use the predefined logfile layout when you log activity with the “Logging” tab in your web admin. The possible choices are: ■ log all requests ■ log only the request logs ■ log only the content logs ■ log a “header” and a content log ■ log a “header”, “content”, and “referrer” log To have the logfiles written in Combined Log Format, make sure that the Log File Format from the “Web Site” tab is set to Combined Log Format. “Activity” is defined as log file activity, which means that “progress” or status changes are logged here, not “events” (like disk access). This is not exactly correct, but most programmers are accustomed to the “events” format. “Complexity” is the complexity of the

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Run the Techlogica HTTP Server locally with your PHP and CGI scripts. Support PHP and CGI scripts Run PHP and CGI scripts with ease Can be installed on your desktop and run with the Windows System Tray Icon Full log logging Turn on/off log files in seconds Combined Log Format supported Configuration files saved to Windows default folders Supports Log Level Filters Simple Configuration Options ■ Techlogica HTTP Server has many simple configuration options. You can change the log file path and file name, adjust log file log levels and save them to a particular log folder. ■ When you install Techlogica HTTP Server it saves its configuration options to three files in your system’s registry: HKCU\Software\HKCU\Log. ■ You can change the settings of each option in our server’s configuration files without having to open the registry. ■ So why not start up Techlogica HTTP Server once and continue using it for the rest of your life? Techlogica HTTP Server is a simple-to-use Web Server for PHP and CGI and is especially intended for local website testing and development. If you are a web developer and you need an easy way to locally test your website before it’s live, then our HTTP Server is perfect for you. Our server also has full traffic logging and writes logfiles in Combined Log Format. Here are some key features of “Techlogica HTTP Server”: Easy to configure ■ Techlogica HTTP Server is so easy to setup, you can have it up and running in a matter of seconds. Simply select your website’s root folder and start the server, it’s that easy. Support for PHP and CGI ■ Our server has support for PHP and CGI scripts, which can be enabled with just a few clicks. Just select your PHP folder, enable PHP and CGI with the dropdown menus, and you’re ready to serve your script-based website. Full activity logging ■ Activity logging is built in to our server, and the logs are automatically rotated daily. You can select which folder the logs are to be saved to, and enabling (or disabling) the logging system can be done in seconds. ■ The log files created by our server are in Combined Log Format, a format supported by virtually every log analyzer. This format includes the IP, date and time, the file accessed, request code, bytes transferred, as well b7e8fdf5c8

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■ Techlogica HTTP Server is a very simple to use CGI and PHP based web server. It is very easy to setup and has quite extensive logging capabilities. By default, it only starts a webserver if the CLI is started. To start the HTTP server as a daemon it must be started with the “php” command. ■ Also available are console and nagios web based interfaces. Watch the video below for a quick overview of the Techlogica HTTP Server: Simple to set up ■ Go to and log in. Navigate to the Server and Services options. ■ Login to your hosting account and set up the server with the steps listed in our guide. Technical Details: ■ Techlogica HTTP Server is a CGI/CGI-C based web server, and allows you to serve websites through PHP. It also allows you to log all of your activity so you can keep a history of changes made to your website. ■ The HTTP server itself is configured through a few options on the server.php page. ■ You can select your website’s root folder and start the server, it’s that easy. If you want to serve a different folder on a different port, set the “WPAD” variable to the port you want. ■ Once the HTTP server starts up, you’ll be logged into the Web GUI. ■ You can do all your work through the Web GUI. ■ The Web GUI allows you to manage your website through a web browser. ■ You can edit the php.ini file, and/or make changes to the Apache configuration. ■ When making changes to these files, make sure you restart the Apache server. ■ You can also log your activity by checking the box beside the Log tab on the top menu. ■ You can select your log format from the dropdown menus beside the logging section of the Web GUI. ■ You can also go to the log folder and select how long you want to keep the logfiles. ■ You can view/generate the combined logs automatically by selecting the Combined Log Format from the Log tab on the bottom menu. ■ You can also generate the raw logs by selecting the Raw Log Format. ■ You can view the logs in the log viewer (viewlog.

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There are three main components to “Techlogica HTTP Server”. Firstly, a PHP web server is used to process PHP and CGI scripts and render them to the user. A MySQL database is used for saving website logfiles. And a web server front end is used to present these files to the user. If you’re looking for a simple, easy to setup web server, you’ve found it with Techlogica HTTP Server. Techlogica HTTP Server is a great tool for testing and development of PHP and CGI scripts. The PHP web server included in the program is fully functional, so you can just as well use it for development. Also you can use this server as a web server, just go to the next section and you will see what needs to be done to configure it as a full web server. Techlogica HTTP Server is based on EasyApache, a simple PHP web server to develop on Windows. Important information about Techlogica HTTP Server The “Techlogica HTTP Server” is an easy to use PHP and CGI script server. In other words, Techlogica HTTP Server is a very small “web server” which runs on your PC. To enable it to work as a web server, you need to install a web server software on your PC in parallel. Then you can start Techlogica HTTP Server from your browser and it will display your website. Techlogica HTTP Server offers an easy to use interface for web page browsing. Its PHP and CGI script support makes it a perfect tool for testing and development of PHP and CGI scripts. The database interface makes it the perfect server for hosting web logfiles in Combined Log Format. Important information about Techlogica HTTP Server The “Techlogica HTTP Server” is a small “web server” which runs on your PC. To use it as a web server you need to install a web server on your PC in parallel. The Techlogica HTTP Server is open source and all of its code is available on its web site. Important features of Techlogica HTTP Server In the following table you can see the main features of the “Techlogica HTTP Server”: – Support for PHP and CGI scripts – Combined Log Format – PHP, CGI and MySQL support – Traffic logging – Log rotation PHP and CGI scripts support This server’s PHP web server allows you to develop PHP and CGI scripts and test them on your local PC. The server is specifically designed to support these

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OS: Windows 10 Version 1803, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016 Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or better Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 12 feature level 12_1 compatible GPU DirectX: Version 11 Hard Drive: 2 GB available space Network: Broadband internet connection Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card Storage: 1 GB available space How to install: 1. Go to the download link and select the file