The Windows Server AppFabric package provides a set of integrated technologies for building, hosting and managing composite applications that span the server and cloud.   Windows Server AppFabric targets applications built using ASP.NET, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). It provides out-of-the-box capabilities for you to easily build and manage composite applications, including: – Enhanced design and development tools in Visual Studio to build rich composite applications – Management and monitoring of sevices and workflows via integration with IIS Manager and Windows PowerShell – Distributed in-memory application cache to improve application performance Windows Server AppFabric Beta 1 is available now for developers to start building their next-generation composite applications, and for administrators to host and manage them. It integrates technologies previewed as code name “Dublin” and code name “Velocity”.









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AppFabric provides a set of integrated technologies for building, hosting and managing composite applications that span the server and cloud. It provides: – Seamless communication between components of a distributed application.  – A robust distributed in-memory cache for fast, distributed applications.  – A new programming model that unifies client and server-side code to create modular applications. Features: – A set of integrated technologies that help you build composite applications, including web-based client applications, server-side components and a distributed in-memory cache. – A set of advanced capabilities such as service discovery, fault tolerance, load balancing, transparent failover and dynamic provisioning to simplify the development and deployment of applications. – A set of strong tools for application deployment, including a continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) tool and a tool that allows you to host your application in a production environment based on the policies in your application. – A set of management and monitoring tools, including Windows Management Framework tools such as IIS Manager and Windows PowerShell, to help you manage services and workflows. – A set of distributed services and integration with leading companies such as Microsoft, to integrate your applications with the largest software-as-a-service providers. Technologies and Components: – Microsoft Visual Studio tooling to simplify application development, including new tools for WCF, Silverlight, Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), ASP.NET, and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). – AppFabric Caching, a robust distributed in-memory cache that enables you to manage a distributed in-memory cache between applications. – Distributed Service Bus, for scenarios where you need to allow your application to easily discover services and integrate with applications and services hosted in the cloud or on other servers in your network. – Azure Metrics, for managing and monitoring applications and services on Windows Azure. – AppFabric Fault Tolerance, for scenarios where applications must be highly reliable, and for ensuring the scalability of applications. – AppFabric Dynamic Provisioning, for scenarios where you need to dynamically provision the components in your application. – A set of management and monitoring tools, including Windows Management Framework tools such as IIS Manager and Windows PowerShell, to help you manage services and workflows. – A set of distributed services and integration with leading companies such as Microsoft, to integrate your applications with the largest software-as-a-service providers. Installation

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Visual Studio Package for Windows Server Enterprise AppFabric is built to facilitate the creation of applications that span the virtual and physical worlds. AppFabric lets you build applications that span multiple systems and automate the management of distributed services and workflows, and it gives you a set of features and tools that improves the overall application lifecycle management. AppFabric is enabled by Microsoft Windows Server Enterprise AppFabric, and provides the core services required to build and host composite applications that span the Windows Server AppFabric Activation Code cache. AppFabric targets applications built using ASP.NET, WCF, and WF. Microsoft Windows Server AppFabric Product Key Beta 2 is available. Download to try the latest AppFabric features and tools before they are released to the product. Windows Server AppFabric Cracked Version Features: – Use Microsoft Visual Studio to build rich composite applications that span the Windows Server AppFabric in-memory cache or across an AppFabric node running in an IIS process. Use ASP.NET, WCF, or WF to build your next-generation applications that include any of the following: – Authentication and authorization – Authorization services – Business services – Cache services – Contracts or enterprise services – Data services – Data sources – Deployment services – Global data services – Hosting services – Host policy manager – HTTP services – Identity services – Instance communications – Instance management – Logging and monitoring – Metadata services – Messaging services – Persistence services – Queues – Scalability services – Security services – Sensor services – Synchronization services – Transactions services – Web services – Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) – Workflow services AppFabric content types AppFabric offers a set of content types that enable you to create different kinds of applications and define their semantics. It follows the model-driven architecture to enable you to more quickly develop rich applications that meet the requirements of your business. Application components and services An application built with AppFabric is based on the concept of ‘components’ and’services’. Components present applications and services as ‘black boxes’. Services exist independently of the composition of the application and can be shared among other applications and components. The AppFabric provides components and services to help develop composite applications that span 91bb86ccfa

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* Integrated. One tool for building, deploying, hosting and managing composite applications* My new and familiar desktop applications are the key to your success, your customers’ success and your Company’s success. * Extend your vision. My new and familiar desktop applications help you to create the type of applications your customers will love to use – quickly and easily.* Leverage your experience. Get fast, visual tools to build, deploy and manage rich client applications with the power of managed code.* Know your customer. Get a true 360 view of how your customer is using your applications – anywhere, anytime* The most powerful yet practical desktop technology for your users. Integrates proven technologies. Use existing skills and technologies to develop and deploy innovative solutions. Become your new desktop productivity foundation. * Grab hold. Use Windows Management Framework (WCF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and.NET Framework 4.0 to quickly build and integrate new and existing solutions with your existing.NET and COM/ActiveX components. Windows Server AppFabric supports three main approaches to interoperability: RESTful, Binary, and Protocol Buffers (IEEE 1722).* In memory, distributed, all of them. Using components within the Windows Server AppFabric, you can distribute an in-memory cache across the cluster. * Choose the right platform. Easy to integrate into Web and Windows Server applications by providing a.NET application cache to store and retrieve objects. This enables your application to serve objects in all the appropriate data formats without the requirement for custom coding.* Deliver AppFabric services in a Windows Server infrastructure. Leverage Windows Server AppFabric services for integration with your existing infrastructure. * Build, deploy, host and manage. Deploy, host, and manage Composite applications (with possible Windows Server integration) that run in one of Windows Server AppFabric’s two modes of deployment: a cluster and a farm.* Add Windows Server AppFabric to your existing.NET applications. Leverage the.NET Framework 4 to add.NET-based Windows Server AppFabric services to existing applications and services to create new applications.* Windows Server AppFabric has one of the deepest application programming interfaces (APIs) in any system. AppFabric enables providers to provide services through an object-oriented library or via COM-style interfaces. * Leverage Windows Server AppFabric’s services to manage applications within your Windows Server Infrastructure. Its high-level management features can help you to make your Windows Server applications and services easier to monitor, manage, and automate.*

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The Windows Server AppFabric is a framework that lets you build, host, and manage composite applications that consist of multiple services and workflows. You build applications that “talk” to each other by exposing services within a Windows Service that is hosted in a Windows Server AppFabric instance. Windows Server AppFabric manages the “life cycle” for the services, including the restarting or stopping of the services for asynchronously responding to host events. It also provides monitoring and management capabilities as well as distributed in-memory application cache. Microsoft offers the Windows Server AppFabric for free for all-inclusive development and deployment. Windows Server AppFabric is integrated into Visual Studio 2008 and contains the prerequisites to develop Windows Services, ASP.NET Web Services, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). Also, Windows Server AppFabric is integrated into Windows PowerShell and provides the prerequisites to manage Windows Services. Windows Server AppFabric includes: – A set of high-level features that provide an out-of-the-box solution to run composite applications – A framework for building, hosting, and managing composite applications – Integrated version of.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 – A set of configuration files and tools that let you start the Windows Server AppFabric management service quickly – A set of managed and unmanaged components that let you easily manage your services – A set of monitoring tools that let you view the status and health of your services – A set of tools that let you upgrade, uninstall, redistribute, or control your instances Windows Server AppFabric is available as a free download for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Premium and Professional. Windows Server AppFabric includes a free Microsoft Web Platform Installer (WPI) that installs and configures the required components. The installer also includes the Windows Server AppFabric features, as well as required changes to your Visual Studio development environment. Microsoft Web Platform Installer is available for download from You can run the Windows Server AppFabric in Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2. You cannot install or run the Windows Server AppFabric on Windows Server 2003. Please make sure that your server has Service Pack 2 or later. The Windows Server AppFabric is available in English. For more information about Windows Server AppFabric and Windows Server AppFabric in other languages, see

System Requirements For Windows Server AppFabric:

Supported OS: Windows 10 Version 1511 (OS Build 14393.768) Windows 8.1 (OS Build 10586.255) Windows 8 (OS Build 8.1.1512.447) Windows 7 (OS Build 7.2.1511.0) Windows Vista (SP2, SP3) Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016 32 bit 64 bit Mac OS X v10.12.5