He found them: “Max Headroom – Merry Christmas Santa Claus 45rpm” is still the only version of the beloved holiday classic to include the song’s full coda. But although it’s a key resource for academics (and an easy benchmark to measure the audio in other restorations against), “Max Headroom – Merry Christmas Santa Claus 45rpm” makes no attempt to preserve the film’s original video, replacing it instead with blurry footage of the record’s original packaging, then a static shot of a record spinning around and around, a little less than 50 rotations per minute. Unfortunately, the film has been the target of so many restoration efforts, special editions, and director’s cuts over the years that picking the “best” version is utterly quixotic: It all depends what you mean by “best.” There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but once you accept that no YouTube upload of Max Headroom singing “Merry Christmas, Santa Claus (You’re a Lovely Guy)” is right for everybody, you can make an informed decision about which version is right for you and your family. That’s fine for film critics, who like nothing better than sitting around watching every YouTube video that looks like it might be a version of “Merry Christmas, Santa Claus (You’re a Lovely Guy),” but not a lot of help for harried moms and dads who just want to know which Max Headroom video to have playing in the background while their kids open presents.

Armed with this guide, you should now be able to confidently press play on the YouTube upload of Max Headroom’s “Merry Christmas, Santa Claus (You’re a Lovely Guy)” that suits your holiday needs, freeing up more time to spend lobbying the Criterion Collection to give “Merry Christmas, Santa Claus (You’re a Lovely Guy)” a proper Blu-ray release. As the old saw goes, if you ask ten film critics which YouTube upload of the music video for Max Headroom’s 1986 novelty song “Merry Christmas, Santa Claus (You’re a Lovely Guy)” is the best, you’ll get eleven different answers. Anyone attempting to restore “Merry Christmas, Santa Claus (You’re a Lovely Guy)” in 2015 faces a Herculean task: keeping fans of the 2010 upload of “Merry Christmas, Santa Claus (You’re a Lovely Guy)” we grew up with happy, while bringing out the details YouTube user 80sMTV missed. “Merry Christmas Santa Clause Max Headroom” is perhaps best understood as a reinvention of the original work than a restoration—along the same lines as They Shall Not Grow Old. Best For: Your annoying nephew who keeps complaining that watching the same version of “Merry Christmas, Santa Claus (You’re a Lovely Guy)” over and over again is not a good holiday tradition; aspect ratio purists.

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But sometimes you don’t want the best version of “Merry Christmas, Santa Claus (You’re a Lovely Guy)” so much as you want to evoke Christmases and Max Headrooms past. Two facts that find themselves perennially at odds during the holiday season are that (1) Santa Claus isn’t real, and (2) little kids love to announce when something is wrong or a lie (try asking a 3-year-old whether a puppy says “meow”). She remembers seeing her at an awards show while the two were in the adult film industry, and she hopes they can meet one day. They’re a way for particular areas to show off what makes them special, https://Hotmodelporn.com/ whether that’s a talent for building log fires or simply a nice-looking downtown intersection. What does your audience want to see, and what do you want to show them? Then stop again. He was anxious people weren’t paying attention, that they didn’t want to watch a stranger sleep or eat pizza.

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